“Food/Tastic” by Tiffany Wang

The Third Floor Gallery in the Holden Fine Arts Building is presented with a real treat by graduate student Tiffany Wang.  She presents her graduate show using the mediums of paint, pencil, charcoal, woodcut, collage, marker, and mixed-media.  Walking into the gallery, the visitor is given a feast for the eyes because food is the predominant theme.  With tacos, donuts, cake, ice-cream, and stuffed peppers, this artwork is good enough to eat and will make you want to sink your teeth into the canvas.  Not recommended literally.

A majority of the artwork is abstract, which really brings out the attractive qualities of the food, evoking more than just the sense of sight.  Wang’s work is displayed in pairs while some stand on their own, making up groups that all express something individual. For additional effect, the gallery is decorated with stars on the walls and brightly colored confetti on the floor, giving a suggestion of a party.

Along with the food and a few cityscapes, Wang also included a few realistic portraits.  Originally from Asia, Wang has hung these pieces to give us a sample of art back in her home country while presenting abstract food to signify her experience here in America.

Viewers are welcome to come and get a taste at this fantastic show from April 16 to April 27.

“I want to save my eyes for the reception, but I can’t stop looking!” said one visitor.

And when the reception came, it was quite vibrant.  With balloons, tasty snacks, and the art to top it all off, the visitors really looked happy.

“Very festive and colorful and brings lots of life,” said a visitor.

Wang, amongst her friends and family, was showered with congratulations, hugs, photos, and even some candy; compliments of Susan Loonsk.

A truly successful grad show; quite delicious, indeed.

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