NFL players face a lesser penalty, ALL THE TIME (cough, cough; Aldon Smith)

Does any­one remem­ber what Donte Stall­worth did in 2009?

Stall­worth was dri­ving drunk and killed a pedes­trian. What was his sen­tence? 30 DAYS in jail! The event occurred in Florida, where the aver­age charge of that crime is 10 YEARS. Stall­worth gets 30 days. Why? Was it because he pleaded guilty? Or was it because the law felt bad for sus­pend­ing his driver’s license for­ever? He killed some­one. I don’t under­stand how ath­letes get away with things more than reg­u­lar citizens.

It is because some ath­letes don’t have col­lege degrees and need to earn a big­ger salary than 50 to 75 per­cent of Amer­i­cans? I thought every­one needs to work in order to pro­vide for them­selves and/or family?

So I read today that San Fran­cisco line­backer Aldon Smith may only face a mis­de­meanor when he threaten secu­rity at Los Ange­les Inter­na­tional Air­port ear­lier this month.

How the hell is he only fac­ing a mis­de­meanor charge? I didn’t know that threat­en­ing to have a bomb is a “lesser” crim­i­nal act? How pathetic is the jus­tice sys­tem in our lit­tle poor Amer­ica? It’s pretty bad if you ask me, and some peo­ple lack the com­mon sense and dis­gust me so much. Play­ers like Smith should be dis­missed, banned, kicked out, or abol­ished from the NFL. If peo­ple thought the NBA was a “thug” league, they must not pay atten­tion to what hap­pens to foot­ball play­ers. When has LeBron James ever been in trou­ble? Kevin Durant? Blake Grif­fin? Kevin Love? Der­rick Rose? Rus­sell West­brook? Dwight Howard? James Harden? Dwyane Wade? Ya, the face of the NBA is still solid because the play­ers don’t act like a bunch of goons.

I won­der what Roger Good­ell thinks of Aaron Her­nan­dez (involved with the mur­der of a human-being), Titus Young, Chad John­son, Mar­shawn Lynch, Dez Bryant, Michael Vick, and even Adrian Peter­son? I’m sure these guys are not hor­ri­ble human-beings, but how the hell do they make poor choices? Is it because they can afford to?

In my opin­ion, Smith should be sus­pended for one whole sea­son, and then re-evaluated. Mak­ing a bomb threat is a seri­ous thing, and should be treated as such. I still don’t under­stand how he only gets a misdemeanor.

That’s my rant for the day. I would say more, but I wouldn’t be able to type it because it isn’t appropriate.

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