What to do with Donald Sterling and what should the Clippers do?

Not every day does a big-time sport’s fran­chise owner make extremely inap­pro­pri­ate remarks about the major­ity race in one of the most pop­u­lar sports in the world. But this week­end, the owner of the Los Ange­les Clip­pers, Don­ald Ster­ling, did just that.

Ster­ling, “allegedly”,  told his girl­friend, of Mex­i­can and African-American descent, to stop bring­ing African-American peo­ple to Clip­per home games. That cer­tainly got a rise out of sev­eral of the NBA’s great­est play­ers, namely Michael Jor­dan, Magic John­son, and today, Kobe Bryant. Not to men­tion every Clip­per player wore black socks dur­ing their play­off game yes­ter­day against the Golden State War­riors. Also, they decided to not wear their warm-ups and turned their shoot­ing shirts inside-out. Head coach Doc Rivers said he might even come back next sea­son to coach the team.

After years and years of being the lit­tle sis­ter to the Los Ange­les Lak­ers (I’m putting that lightly), and years and years of being losers since becom­ing owner, Ster­ling prob­a­bly didn’t real­ize his team was pretty good this sea­son  and that they have a legit­i­mate shot to com­pete for a NBA title. Now he has ticked off just about every African-American leg­end, and has put the new NBA com­mis­sioner, Adam Sil­ver, in the tough­est posi­tion he will prob­a­bly ever be in as commissioner.

First off, who says that about a race of peo­ple? I don’t care if you’re white, black, yel­low, or orange because you fell asleep in the tan­ning bed too long, if you’re putting money in my pocket, you’re more than wel­comed to come to games.

Sec­ondly, I thought we were past this point in soci­ety? Does Ster­ling have any clue what he said and/or why he said it? How come he has yet to apol­o­gize? There is no way he can actu­ally stand behind what he said, is there? Does he real­ize his head coach and 12 of the 14 play­ers on the ros­ter are AFRICAN-AMERICAN! Even if you are a racist, I think you’d want to keep it to your­self because, in my opin­ion, being a racist is absolutely pathetic today. There is no place in soci­ety for it. You don’t have to like any­one, but you should respect them, espe­cially when they work for you, Sterling.

Once I heard of the com­ments made by Ster­ling, I imme­di­ately said to myself, “The Clip­pers will not win another game in this series.” How did they do yes­ter­day? Their defense allowed 39 points in the first quar­ter, chucked-up 31 three-pointers, and turned it over 19 times. I don’t think the Clip­pers will “throw” the rest of the series because I think they should value the work and effort they put into this sea­son shouldn’t go to waste and if they are pro­fes­sion­als, they should act like it, stick it out, and decide their futures in the off­sea­son. In Amer­ica, we always talk about “ris­ing above” adver­sity. The Clip­pers should plan on doing it, even if they and a lot of other peo­ple believe there is no point in play­ing any­more. There is still a rea­son. A cham­pion will be crowned in June.

As for Ster­ling. You can’t just take away the team from him because he owns the fran­chise. I think he should strongly con­sider sell­ing the team. He bought the team for $13 mil­lion in the 1980’s, and today the team is worth over $700 million.

If I was him, I would sell, take my money, and swim around in it, and think about what he said and how many peo­ple he hurt or disrespected.


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