Chevelle Breaks The Ice at The Myth

Chevelle took the stage with intense energy with an amazing 90 minute set for the 93x Ice Breaker April 19 at The Myth in Maplewood, Minn. The band sold out the venue while touring in support of their seventh album, “La Gargola.” The show also consisted of special guests Nothing More and Middle Class Rut as openers.

Chevelle is an American alternative rock band that was born in a suburb of Chicago in 1995. Originally formed by brothers Pete Loeffler, Sam Loeffler and Joe Loeffler, in 2005, Geno Lenardo replaced Joe Loeffler as the new bass player and has been with the band ever since.

Geno Lenardo is actually the brother-in-law of the Loeffler brothers, which keeps Chevelle an amazing family band. In 1999 they released their first debut album “Point #1,” which had only minor success. The album that really got their name out there and had huge success was “Wonder What’s Next,” released in 2002. The album had major hits like “Send the Pain Below”, “The Red”, “Closure”, and “Comfortable Liar”. Those popular Chevelle songs were definitely played during the concert.

It was 10 p.m. at The Myth, and the crowd was getting pumped for Chevelle because at any moment they were about to explode onto the stage. The crowd went absolutely nuts in the 2,800 capacity venue when they heard the guitar riff for the first song of the night “Sleep Apnea.” You could feel the raw emotion and energy when Pete Loeffler began to sing with his angelic voice. His voice makes people just want to melt right into the ground. Sam Loeffler brought extreme energy to the stage with his intensifying drum beats. Geno Lenardo was all over the stage with his bass guitar and contributes to the band by producing that raw, unique sound that Chevelle is known for.

What is great about Chevelle is that they have their heavy trademark sound, but every song is different. A diverse set went back and forth from their heavier songs to their lighter songs. The heavier songs that were “Sleep Apnea,” “The Clincher,” “Jars,” “Face to the Floor” and “Hats off to the Bull.” The band also played some songs from their new album, such as “Take out the Gunman,” “An Island” and “Hunter Eats Hunter.”

An hour passed with the crowd in love with Chevelle’s amazing performance and then Pete Loeffler said, “Goodnight; see you guys next time.”

The band left the stage; lights turned back off; and the guitar riff for “The Red” – one of Chevelle’s most popular songs – was played. Pete Loeffler was out there by himself, taking it all in as the crowd sang to “The Red.” The lights in the whole venue were lit red, making the song just that more special.
After “The Red,” the band played “Send the Pain Below” and “I Get It,” which are very popular songs in the rock world. The band could not have ended the show with a better song; “I Get It” is a truly powerful and emotional song and made an absolutely great ending. The crowd screamed at the top of their lungs; the band took a bow and thanked everyone for the wonderful night and for supporting Chevelle.

Watching the three rockers from Chicago do what they love to do was truly an amazing sight to see, and I hope that Chevelle keeps rocking their hearts out for eternity.

I rate this show 5 out 5.

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