SGA Election Results in; Mack Peters President

The tentative results of the April 22 Student Government election are in. They will be made official April 30.

Mack Peters was the only contender for SGA President. Peters had previously held the positions of SUFAC Director and Senator-at-large.

Only three students officially ran for the four positions of Senator-at Large. The winners are Yoel Yohannes, Emily Olson, and Wade Joseph. The fourth Senator-at-Large was a write-in candidate, Brandon Gordon.

Each department can elect two senators, though most had only one student officially running. Kristen Johnson was elected as the Science, Math, Health and Human Performance, Computer Science Department Senator along with Dominic Cavelieri, who received three votes as a write-in candidate.

A similar situation arose with the Politics, Law & Justice, Social Inquiry, Human Behavior and Diversity Majors. Thomas Fleming, who was officially running, won the first senate seat for the department and Matthew Munkelwitz won the second seat with three write-in votes.

The Accounting, Finance and Economics, Business Administration, and Teacher Education winner was former SGA vice-president Kara Schmidt. The second position for that department was tied by two write-in candidates, both with three votes.

According to the email from President Graham Garfield, they are “ineligible winners,” so the seat is likely to go to Casey Christianson. The official results of who will serve in the second senate seat for this department decision will be announced at the April 30 SGA meeting.

Communicating Arts, Music, Visual Arts, and Language and Literature was the only department that had two students officially run for the two senate seats. Those students were Jazmin Wong and Garrett Janis.

The senate seat for a Graduate student senator was not filled, as no one ran in that department and only one person seemed to have voted in that department. The vote was for “Kristen” which is not enough information to declare a winner.

Garfield, who has served two years as SGA president, will be graduating after this semester and says he plans to run for the Wisconsin State Assembly in the 74th District.

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