SGA Election Results in; Mack Peters President

The ten­ta­tive results of the April 22 Stu­dent Gov­ern­ment elec­tion are in. They will be made offi­cial April 30.

Mack Peters was the only con­tender for SGA Pres­i­dent. Peters had pre­vi­ously held the posi­tions of SUFAC Direc­tor and Senator-at-large.

Only three stu­dents offi­cially ran for the four posi­tions of Senator-at Large. The win­ners are Yoel Yohannes, Emily Olson, and Wade Joseph. The fourth Senator-at-Large was a write-in can­di­date, Bran­don Gordon.

Each depart­ment can elect two sen­a­tors, though most had only one stu­dent offi­cially run­ning. Kris­ten John­son was elected as the Sci­ence, Math, Health and Human Per­for­mance, Com­puter Sci­ence Depart­ment Sen­a­tor along with Dominic Cave­lieri, who received three votes as a write-in candidate.

A sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion arose with the Pol­i­tics, Law & Jus­tice, Social Inquiry, Human Behav­ior and Diver­sity Majors. Thomas Flem­ing, who was offi­cially run­ning, won the first sen­ate seat for the depart­ment and Matthew Munkel­witz won the sec­ond seat with three write-in votes.

The Account­ing, Finance and Eco­nom­ics, Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion, and Teacher Edu­ca­tion win­ner was for­mer SGA vice-president Kara Schmidt. The sec­ond posi­tion for that depart­ment was tied by two write-in can­di­dates, both with three votes.

Accord­ing to the email from Pres­i­dent Gra­ham Garfield, they are “inel­i­gi­ble win­ners,” so the seat is likely to go to Casey Chris­tian­son. The offi­cial results of who will serve in the sec­ond sen­ate seat for this depart­ment deci­sion will be announced at the April 30 SGA meeting.

Com­mu­ni­cat­ing Arts, Music, Visual Arts, and Lan­guage and Lit­er­a­ture was the only depart­ment that had two stu­dents offi­cially run for the two sen­ate seats. Those stu­dents were Jazmin Wong and Gar­rett Janis.

The sen­ate seat for a Grad­u­ate stu­dent sen­a­tor was not filled, as no one ran in that depart­ment and only one per­son seemed to have voted in that depart­ment. The vote was for “Kris­ten” which is not enough infor­ma­tion to declare a winner.

Garfield, who has served two years as SGA pres­i­dent, will be grad­u­at­ing after this semes­ter and says he plans to run for the Wis­con­sin State Assem­bly in the 74th District.

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