Stinger Reporter Says No to Senate

Many jour­nal­ists have a beat–something they tend to write about. My beat is gov­ern­ment, or specif­i­cally at UWS, the stu­dent gov­ern­ment. I was plan­ning on run­ning for Sen­ate because it kind of sucks to be at an open stu­dent forum and have an opin­ion, but not being allowed to talk and then write about what hap­pened unbi­as­edly. I changed my mind when I real­ized how much more unhappy I was think­ing about not writ­ing about what SGA does any­more. So I will con­tinue to stay a quiet and unbi­ased reporter report­ing the hap­pen­ings to the rest of the stu­dent body.

But when I was inter­ested, I had a lot of ideas. These were my ideas

  • When stu­dents grad­u­ate, drop out, or get kicked out of school here, all their jacket cash goes away. The YU is a pub­lic state build­ing, and A’viands rents a space there, and I don’t think that some­thing peo­ple have paid for should be taken away. This is dif­fer­ent from your reg­u­lar meal plan to enter the cafe because you pay for that by semes­ter, but jack­et­cash caries over from semes­ters and into the sum­mer. Also, stu­dents who are required to live in the reshalls are also required to have a meal plan.
  • Recently the United Nations came out with a report about global cli­mate change and how our future wars will be over water instead of oil, which wasn’t really news but its always nice to have some offi­cially con­fir­ma­tion. More recently, another sub­group of the IPCC (Inter­gov­ern­men­tal Panel on Cli­mate Change) came out say­ing that in order to avoid the chill­ing future the first sub­group described was to make rad­i­cal change, and that we need to remove all the car­bon we have put in the air over the years and that every­one needs to switch to green energy. So how does UWS play their part? I think the Sen­ate should cre­ate a bill say­ing that all future new buildings/renovations of build­ings should run at the very least par­tially, on green energy. I under­stand Barstow and Old Main are being looked at for ren­o­va­tions next, why not put some solar pan­els up on their roofs?
  • I’m from New Eng­land and New Eng­land is a patri­otic place. So when Colum­bus day comes up we wouldn’t go to school and for Vet­er­ans day we would get both that Mon­day and Tues­day off. Where I’m going with this is Thanks­giv­ing. All my high­school friends who are in col­lege in New Eng­land get the entire week of Thanks­giv­ing off of school. What I would like to see UWS do: Get the day before thanks­giv­ing off of school. Not the whole week, just one extra day. I have heard before that the aver­age stu­dent lives two hours away from UWS. I have known stu­dents who live in Wis­con­sin but either can’t go home or have great dif­fi­culty get­ting home dur­ing this break. Its at a point with many stu­dents where its just not worth it to go through all the travel expense for just a cou­ple of days. I think adding one day would have a huge impact on stu­dents being able to spend Thanks­giv­ing with their fam­ily, includ­ing myself because I would really like to spend Thanks­giv­ing with my family.


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