Stinger Reporter Says No to Senate

Many journalists have a beat–something they tend to write about. My beat is government, or specifically at UWS, the student government. I was planning on running for Senate because it kind of sucks to be at an open student forum and have an opinion, but not being allowed to talk and then write about what happened unbiasedly. I changed my mind when I realized how much more unhappy I was thinking about not writing about what SGA does anymore. So I will continue to stay a quiet and unbiased reporter reporting the happenings to the rest of the student body.

But when I was interested, I had a lot of ideas. These were my ideas

  • When students graduate, drop out, or get kicked out of school here, all their jacket cash goes away. The YU is a public state building, and A’viands rents a space there, and I don’t think that something people have paid for should be taken away. This is different from your regular meal plan to enter the cafe because you pay for that by semester, but jacketcash caries over from semesters and into the summer. Also, students who are required to live in the reshalls are also required to have a meal plan.
  • Recently the United Nations came out with a report about global climate change and how our future wars will be over water instead of oil, which wasn’t really news but its always nice to have some officially confirmation. More recently, another subgroup of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) came out saying that in order to avoid the chilling future the first subgroup described was to make radical change, and that we need to remove all the carbon we have put in the air over the years and that everyone needs to switch to green energy. So how does UWS play their part? I think the Senate should create a bill saying that all future new buildings/renovations of buildings should run at the very least partially, on green energy. I understand Barstow and Old Main are being looked at for renovations next, why not put some solar panels up on their roofs?
  • I’m from New England and New England is a patriotic place. So when Columbus day comes up we wouldn’t go to school and for Veterans day we would get both that Monday and Tuesday off. Where I’m going with this is Thanksgiving. All my highschool friends who are in college in New England get the entire week of Thanksgiving off of school. What I would like to see UWS do: Get the day before thanksgiving off of school. Not the whole week, just one extra day. I have heard before that the average student lives two hours away from UWS. I have known students who live in Wisconsin but either can’t go home or have great difficulty getting home during this break. Its at a point with many students where its just not worth it to go through all the travel expense for just a couple of days. I think adding one day would have a huge impact on students being able to spend Thanksgiving with their family, including myself because I would really like to spend Thanksgiving with my family.


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