Office Rearrangement Updates

Technology Services is now up and running on second floor Swenson hall, but a lot of work still needs to be done to complete the office rearrangement process that caused controversy earlier this semester.

Enrollment has gone down over the last two years. Strategic Planning Initiative report for research group #1,  wrote “enrollments from Superior High School have declined about 40% in the past 10 years. …Enrollments from Duluth Denfeld, our #3 feeder school, began a steep decline in the 2010 school year, falling from 15 to 4 in 2011, and are now less than 25% of the supply of students received in 2003.”

This information has put increasing enrollment as the number one priority for the administration. The school has been working towards this with the Unleash Your Superior Side campaign, the reopening and renovation of Ross/Hawkes Hall, and putting the admissions office in the most optimal spot for prospective students.

“The situation we face today is unprecedented,” said Chancellor Watcher. “This is the fiscal reality we are dealing with…we either cut expenses or increase revenue.”

Career Services and First Year Experience will be moving to Swenson Hall between April 21 and 22. Admissions will move into the YU by May 1.

The rearrangement was announced officially in an email sent by Provost Faith Hensrud on February 4. “When prospective students come to visit us in the Office of Admissions, their first impression is critically important,” wrote Hensurd. “Right now, visitors experience less ideal conditions when they gather on the first floor of Old Main; they walk past a dumpster and into an outdated building and office space. This has impacted the crisp, vibrant image that we want to portray as a campus, and we need to make a change.  We know that the spirit of our campus, and facilities are better than that initial impression imparts. ”

The office rearrangement caused controversy due to the administration not going through the Student Government Association when they wanted to change an office in the YellowJacket Union, a building paid for by the students.

John Kro­nen­wet­ter said during an open forum SGA held in February for students to voice their thoughts on the intercommunication “If I knew the administration walked all over student rights I would not have come here.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that this was the right decision,” said Director or Marketing and Communications Lynne Williams.

Technology Services has not seen too much difficulty with the new office, but one staff member complained that it was not structured well, explaining that anyone behind the front desk that needs to help someone on the other side has to go all the way around and through other offices to get to the other side of the front desk.

“We went from the length of a pen to the length of the cap,” said the technology service staff member.

When the Chancellor spoke at the SGA open forum, she said  “I want the students to feel involved and heard.”

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