UWS Students Make Plans for Cancer Awareness Month

Colleges Against Cancer, a UWS student organization, held its weekly meeting March 24 in the Yellowjacket Union. President Emily Johnson, senior, greeted everyone warmly and proceeded to discuss the club’s agenda.
First on the list was the topic of testicular cancer. Collaboration with the Gender Equity Center during testicular cancer awareness month was quickly agreed upon. CAC plans on organizing tables in the YU during the month of April, possibly the week of the 10th, to spread awareness about the devastating disease.
Second on the agenda – CAC’s “main project,” according to Johnson – was Relay for Life, focusing specifically on recruitment. Prior to spring break, CAC members discussed and assigned possible tabling days, starting March 25, to give more people the opportunity to sign up for Relay. Relay for Life is CAC’s largest fundraising opportunity in which the community as a whole comes together for one cause: fighting cancer. Last year, Colleges Against Cancer raised over $2,500 on behalf of the American Cancer Society. With only a month left until Relay, the club has seemingly turned its main focus in that direction, striving to raise more money and involvement during this year’s Relay for Life.

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