Animal Shelter Services to Remain in Superior

Josh Lee — The Stinger
After intense dis­cus­sion at its March 18 meet­ing, the Supe­rior Com­mon Coun­cil decided to con­tract with the Humane Soci­ety of Dou­glas County to care for the city’s stray ani­mals, rather than con­tract with the city of Duluth as Mayor Bruce Hagen sug­gested.
Hagen argued against the move, say­ing that peo­ple don’t have the cor­rect facts regard­ing the shel­ter. He explained that on Sep­tem­ber 18, 2012 a motion was car­ried to build a 6,300-square-foot shel­ter for an esti­mated $2.3 mil­lion for city oper­a­tions and stray ani­mals. The mayor said he and the coun­cil went through many argu­ments with sur­round­ing town­ships and vil­lages about the shel­ter. He also expressed how none of them wanted to pay for the shel­ter.
“I am dis­gusted with the dan­ger­ous com­ments and rumors that are being passed around on social media net­works about me and the City Coun­cil mem­bers,” he said.
Supe­rior res­i­dents attend­ing the meet­ing voiced strong oppo­si­tion to the mayor’s plan, and Hagen’s motion to con­tract with the City of Duluth was amended to autho­rize the admin­is­tra­tion to nego­ti­ate instead with the Humane Soci­ety of Dou­glas County for pur­poses of man­ag­ing and oper­at­ing the exist­ing shel­ter until a new facil­ity is open. Once the new facil­ity is up and run­ning, the city will bull­doze the exist­ing facil­ity.
Supe­rior res­i­dents were pas­sion­ate in ask­ing ques­tions and address­ing their con­cerns about the issue. They said they want to be more informed and more involved with this issue, and to be able to work together and brain­storm with the coun­cil on ideas involv­ing the ani­mal shel­ter.
An older woman told a coun­cil mem­ber that she would be will­ing to donate $20,000 to the ani­mal shel­ter because she wants to see the money be spent on some­thing good before she dies.

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