Animal Shelter Services to Remain in Superior

Josh Lee -- The Stinger
After intense discussion at its March 18 meeting, the Superior Common Council decided to contract with the Humane Society of Douglas County to care for the city’s stray animals, rather than contract with the city of Duluth as Mayor Bruce Hagen suggested.
Hagen argued against the move, saying that people don’t have the correct facts regarding the shelter. He explained that on September 18, 2012 a motion was carried to build a 6,300-square-foot shelter for an estimated $2.3 million for city operations and stray animals. The mayor said he and the council went through many arguments with surrounding townships and villages about the shelter. He also expressed how none of them wanted to pay for the shelter.
“I am disgusted with the dangerous comments and rumors that are being passed around on social media networks about me and the City Council members,” he said.
Superior residents attending the meeting voiced strong opposition to the mayor’s plan, and Hagen’s motion to contract with the City of Duluth was amended to authorize the administration to negotiate instead with the Humane Society of Douglas County for purposes of managing and operating the existing shelter until a new facility is open. Once the new facility is up and running, the city will bulldoze the existing facility.
Superior residents were passionate in asking questions and addressing their concerns about the issue. They said they want to be more informed and more involved with this issue, and to be able to work together and brainstorm with the council on ideas involving the animal shelter.
An older woman told a council member that she would be willing to donate $20,000 to the animal shelter because she wants to see the money be spent on something good before she dies.
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