The Top Apps on the Market

Whether you own an Apple or an Android, you prob­a­bly have down­loaded some apps that allow your phone to do more. Apple has offi­cially released a list of top apps for 2013. On the list of top free apps for the iPhone, the sweet and col­or­ful world of Candy Crush holds strong in first place.
There is no doubt that the inter­net as a whole loves cat videos, which could help explain YouTube claim­ing sec­ond place on the list. Tem­ple Run 2 and Vine hold third and fourth posi­tion on the list respec­tively. Tem­ple Run is exactly what is sounds like and is a fast paced game includ­ing run­ning and jump­ing away from cer­tain death and Vine is an app that allows you to view or post very short videos that are on aver­age 7 sec­onds long. Google Maps is a help­ful app for nav­i­ga­tion and claims sixth place.
Social net­work­ing lays claim to the next two spots with Insta­gram fil­ter­ing into sev­enth place and Face­book plac­ing eighth. Pan­dora Radio tunes in to the ninth spot and the last and tenth spot was taken by Despi­ca­ble Me: Min­ion Rush.
The Android Mar­ket mim­ics most of these pat­terns with the main dif­fer­ence being who has claimed the top spot. On the Android Mar­ket, Face­book is the top free down­loaded app. Pan­dora takes sec­ond place fol­lowed by Face­book Mes­sen­ger and Insta­gram. Clean Mas­ter is in the fifth posi­tion and is the world’s most down­loaded Android Opti­mizer used to pro­tect your Android against mal­ware and other junk. Candy Crush only places in sixth on the Android Mar­ket fol­lowed by the pic­ture chat app SnapChat.
Net­flix, a provider of on-demand inter­net stream­ing media, is in eighth place. Next in ninth place is Smash Hit which offers musi­cally syn­chro­nized game­play. As the name implies, you smash through glass objects that stand in your way using the best destruc­tion physics on mobile devices. Tenth place is where Kik Mes­sen­ger resides. Kik is, you guessed it, a mes­sen­ger for smart­phones with a built-in browser allow­ing you to quickly and eas­ily browse and share with your friends.
What apps do you like to use on your phone or tablet? Visit the Stinger Media page on Face­book and let us know!

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