The Top Apps on the Market

Whether you own an Apple or an Android, you probably have downloaded some apps that allow your phone to do more. Apple has officially released a list of top apps for 2013. On the list of top free apps for the iPhone, the sweet and colorful world of Candy Crush holds strong in first place.
There is no doubt that the internet as a whole loves cat videos, which could help explain YouTube claiming second place on the list. Temple Run 2 and Vine hold third and fourth position on the list respectively. Temple Run is exactly what is sounds like and is a fast paced game including running and jumping away from certain death and Vine is an app that allows you to view or post very short videos that are on average 7 seconds long. Google Maps is a helpful app for navigation and claims sixth place.
Social networking lays claim to the next two spots with Instagram filtering into seventh place and Facebook placing eighth. Pandora Radio tunes in to the ninth spot and the last and tenth spot was taken by Despicable Me: Minion Rush.
The Android Market mimics most of these patterns with the main difference being who has claimed the top spot. On the Android Market, Facebook is the top free downloaded app. Pandora takes second place followed by Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Clean Master is in the fifth position and is the world’s most downloaded Android Optimizer used to protect your Android against malware and other junk. Candy Crush only places in sixth on the Android Market followed by the picture chat app SnapChat.
Netflix, a provider of on-demand internet streaming media, is in eighth place. Next in ninth place is Smash Hit which offers musically synchronized gameplay. As the name implies, you smash through glass objects that stand in your way using the best destruction physics on mobile devices. Tenth place is where Kik Messenger resides. Kik is, you guessed it, a messenger for smartphones with a built-in browser allowing you to quickly and easily browse and share with your friends.
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Felicity Bosk -- The Stinger
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