Kruk Gallery Concludes K-12 Exhibit

Felic­ity Bosk — The Stinger
Art cre­ated by local ele­men­tary and high school stu­dents was fea­tured March 6 in Holden Fine Arts at UW-Superior. Almost 60 peo­ple attended the Kruk Gallery exhibit of the works of young Twin Ports artists. “I’m so glad to wel­come you all here,” said Kathy Hub­bard, who orga­nizes Kruk Gallery art shows, includ­ing the K-12 exhibit dur­ing each of the past three years. The show is designed to high­light the tal­ent of young peo­ple who may one day be art stu­dents at UWS. Par­ents were excited and proud to see their chil­dren have their work shown among the best in the Twin Ports. Art pro­fes­sor Glo­ria Eslinger helps make sure every­thing runs smoothly. “There are a lot of fun parts like putting every­thing up and com­ing up with ideas for the show,” Eslinger said. A few days before the show, art pro­fes­sors judged the works and on March 6 gave awards to stu­dents of dif­fer­ent age groups. “I am just so impressed by what some of these kids can do,” said Fred Ogez, the brother-in-law of one of the stu­dents whose art was fea­tured. The K-12 exhibit in unique in the num­ber of peo­ple it attracts. Most shows in the Kruk gallery will bring in any­where between five and 20 peo­ple; but with a show of this sort, not only the artists attend but their entire fam­i­lies as well. Chil­dren of all ages ran around Holden and the gallery. A large cake was avail­able for atten­dees as well as many boxes of pizza, cook­ies, chips and soda pop.

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