Residence Life: more room, lower cost and new web system

Less can be more, if you con­sider on-campus hous­ing at UW-Superior.

Although the costs are the low­est in the entire four-year UW sys­tem, stu­dents are get­ting more for their money as a result of recent changes in res­i­dent housing.

One is “Live@UWS,” which went live last month. After in-depth research, Res­i­dence Life staff found a com­pany, Sim­plic­ity, that would work well for their fac­ulty and the stu­dent body. The new arrange­ment, a 24/7 online and web-based hous­ing man­age­ment sys­tem, is tied into the cam­pus data­base sys­tem, allow­ing stu­dents to sign in with the same cre­den­tials as their cam­pus email or ehive account. All demo­graphic infor­ma­tion from the uni­ver­sity data sys­tem is already embed­ded into the sys­tem, mak­ing the process quicker and eas­ier. The prod­uct has built-in fea­tures, and has been per­son­al­ized with pic­tures of stu­dents and cam­pus logos.

It’s cool because this is the first time for Res­i­dence Life to be tied into the cam­pus data­base sys­tem,” said Mickey Fitch, assis­tant direc­tor of Res­i­dence Life. “Live@ UWS is great for stu­dents because it’s easy and quick.” It retains pre­vi­ous capa­bil­i­ties and adds oth­ers, such as room­mate match­ing, she said.

Within a month of its Feb. 5 startup, Res­i­dence Life had received 330 con­tracts for next year, com­pared with less than 100 last year at the same time, Fitch said. “Our goal is 900 res­i­dents for next year, so we are already a third of the way there,” she said.

Apart from Live@UWS, UW-Superior will be offer­ing 220 sin­gle rooms for next year — three times the num­ber of sin­gle rooms offered before. With the Ross-Hawkes ren­o­va­tion, there will be more spaces avail­able on cam­pus; and because the stu­dent pop­u­la­tion isn’t grow­ing tremen­dously, more stu­dents will be approved for sin­gle rooms.

In addi­tion, the 21-and-older floor will be brought back to fourth-floor Ross, and 16 suites will be avail­able in Ross-Hawkes for next year. Curran-McNeil and Ostran­der will be entirely ded­i­cated to first-year stu­dents, and the sec­ond floor of Curran-McNeil will no longer be substance-free.

Crown­hart will remain the same with sopho­more, junior, senior and grad stu­dents, and Ostran­der will keep its the single-gender floors.

Then there’s the junior/senior 20 per­cent dis­count. “Not a lot of stu­dents are famil­iar with (it),” Fitch said. “It’s a pretty tremen­dous dis­count when you think about the over­all cost.”

Roughly one in seven juniors and seniors choose to live on cam­pus. With the Ross-Hawkes ren­o­va­tion com­plete next year, there will be room for 1,100 stu­dents, as opposed to 800 from pre­vi­ous years.

Hous­ing costs for next year will see a 2.5 per­cent increase, which equates to an addi­tional $40 a semes­ter. How­ever, UW-Superior had one of the low­est increases in the state, with other UW schools see­ing an increase of 3 to 4 per­cent. Superior’s hous­ing cost will remain the low­est of the entire UW four-year system.

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