Jimmy John’s UWS favorite

Jimmy John’s top vote-getter in UWS poll.

A recent poll of UWS stu­dents reveals that the “Freaky Fast” deliv­ery ser­vice know as Jimmy John’s is where most stu­dents turn when they are hun­gry, in a bind, or don’t have time to head to the cafe for a meal. Of the 100 stu­dents asked, 45 said they order Jimmy John’s. How­ever, on a Fri­day or Sat­ur­day night, 51 per­cent of the 45 (23 stu­dents) said they are more likely to order a pizza from either Domi­noes, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. Of the remain­ing stu­dents, Golden Inn’s Chi­nese food received 15 votes, Erbert and Gerbert’s received 10 votes and a resound­ing 30 stu­dents said they “don’t care for deliv­ery” or “eat­ing out much.” If they had to choose, 14 of the 30 stu­dents said they would choose Jimmy John’s, while the remain­ing 16 stu­dents remained adamant they don’t care for food delivery.

Jimmy John’s: 45 students

Golden Inn: 15 students

Erbert and Gerbert’s: 10 students

No deliv­ery: 30 students

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