Jimmy John’s UWS favorite

Jimmy John’s top vote-getter in UWS poll.

A recent poll of UWS students reveals that the “Freaky Fast” delivery service know as Jimmy John’s is where most students turn when they are hungry, in a bind, or don’t have time to head to the cafe for a meal. Of the 100 students asked, 45 said they order Jimmy John’s. However, on a Friday or Saturday night, 51 percent of the 45 (23 students) said they are more likely to order a pizza from either Dominoes, Papa John’s or Pizza Hut. Of the remaining students, Golden Inn’s Chinese food received 15 votes, Erbert and Gerbert’s received 10 votes and a resounding 30 students said they “don’t care for delivery” or “eating out much.” If they had to choose, 14 of the 30 students said they would choose Jimmy John’s, while the remaining 16 students remained adamant they don’t care for food delivery.

Jimmy John’s: 45 students

Golden Inn: 15 students

Erbert and Gerbert’s: 10 students

No delivery: 30 students

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