Eating Healthy on a College Budget

The day has finally come. You have left your par­ents house and sud­denly have so much free­dom! No more scold­ing for stay­ing up so late and finally, you can eat what­ever you want. Donuts at 2:30 in the morn­ing? Why not? Why eat rab­bit food when there are things like pizza and burg­ers out there? Then it comes to that dreaded day in your first HHP lab when you have to weigh your­self. Wait, where did that ten pounds come from? Maybe all of those sweets and greasy foods were not such a good idea. Maybe at the time you thought it would be future you who had to deal with the reper­cus­sions but then for­got that even­tu­ally, you would be future you and you were def­i­nitely regret­ting that. Do not fear my friends, there are ways to eat healthy. Even on a col­lege bud­get! If you don’t believe me, give this recipe a try when your sweet tooth starts kick­ing in. All you need are some bananas, peanut but­ter, and some choco­late chips. Cut your bananas, melt your choco­late, coat the bananas and refrig­er­ate or freeze if you pre­fer. When solid, dip those suck­ers in some peanut but­ter and enjoy a tasty treat with enough pro­tein to get you through your lec­tures. This recipe was from but there are plenty of other places out there for you to find recipes like these. There is a whole sec­tion of the inter­net reserved for cook­ing things in a mug. Sites like are there for the whole pur­pose of help­ing col­lege kids eat on a bud­get. Put down the late night pizza and eat some­thing you won’t regret later.

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