SHCS Body Image Awareness Week

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself as beautiful or are you constantly picking out flaws? It is no surprise to hear that the idea of body image and what is deemed beautiful and attractive have been warped and changed so many times that it leads most people to question themselves. Once again, the Health and Counseling Services are here to help. They are having a week fully dedicated to the idea or body image and helping you learn to love yourself. On Monday, February 24 and Tuesday the 25 they will tabling in the YU from 11am-1pm. They will be asking questions like “What is body image?” and how numbers cannot define you as a person. On Wednesday the 26 they will be having a “Royal Treatment” event which will be having self-love projects, FREE massages, and a FREE hot cocoa bar. Why are you still questioning going? It is sure to be a fantastic time. Also, there are free crowns. Totally worth it. On Thursday the 27 they will be back in the YU in room 201 from 12pm-1pm. During this time there will be a presentation on what shapes body image. They will be discussing how we get the idea of body image on our own and how the people around us and how culture influences the idea. They will also be offering a free lite lunch. Stop spending time picking out your “flaws” and learn to love you for, exactly that, you.

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