Beating the “Winter Blues”

It is not new to learn that weather like ours can make peo­ple feel a lit­tle down in the dumps. Most days it can be dif­fi­cult to remem­ber what the sun feels like. A lot of us would brush this off as the “win­ter blues” but it could be more than that. There is a dis­or­der out there known as Sea­sonal Affec­tive Dis­or­der, or SAD for short. Whether it was a clever acci­dent on the acronym part, it is very fit­ting. For the win­ter depres­sion symp­toms usu­ally start in the fall and con­tinue through our never end­ing win­ter months. Some have the oppo­site and get this dur­ing the spring and sum­mer but in either instance, the symp­toms start out mild and become more severe as the sea­son pro­gresses. Some of the winter-onset SAD symp­toms include: depres­sion, anx­i­ety, loss of energy, social with­drawal, over­sleep­ing, weight gain, and dif­fi­culty con­cen­trat­ing. It is com­pletely nor­mal to have “off days” but if you feel down for days at a time, you may need to con­sult a doc­tor. Thank­fully, our Stu­dent Health and Coun­sel­ing Ser­vices are here for you. They have on cam­pus ser­vices and can help refer you to other places if nec­es­sary. You can set up an appoint­ment by phone or just stop by the Mar­covich Well­ness Cen­ter room 1729 and they will be there, ready to help. They offer things like indi­vid­ual and group coun­sel­ing and a resource library for phys­i­cal and men­tal health needs. Don’t let win­ter get you down, there are peo­ple there to help you.

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