Brett Jones Illuminates UWS with Percussion

Brett Jones per­cus­sion recital had peo­ple illu­mi­nated in the Webb Recital Hall on Tues­day, Feb­ru­ary 4. Brett Jones per­cus­sion recital was part of the Uni­ver­sity Recital Series that fea­tures a vari­ety of soloists, duets, and small ensem­bles. The per­for­mances are held in the inti­mate set­ting of Webb Recital Hall in the Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center.

Brett Jones is an Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Per­cus­sion at the Uni­ver­sity and is orig­i­nally from South Dakota. Brett earned a bachelor’s degree in music edu­ca­tion from the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado and master’s and doc­tor­ate degrees in per­cus­sion per­for­mance from the Texas Tech Uni­ver­sity. He has pre­vi­ously served on the music fac­ul­ties of Blinn Col­lege, North­land Col­lege, and Texas Tech Uni­ver­sity. He was the prin­ci­pal per­cus­sion­ist of the Bra­zos Val­ley Sym­phony Orches­tra and has per­formed with the Duluth Supe­rior Orches­tra, the Lub­bock Sym­phony Orches­tra, the Boul­der Phil­har­monic, and the Black Hills Sym­phony Orchestra.

The night started out great with Brett on the snare drum play­ing Can­cao Sim­ples de Tam­bor. He impres­sively used other objects like a ping pong ball and a fish­ing pole to cre­ate his musi­cal fusion. Using the fish­ing pole to hit the snare drum was very dif­fer­ent, but was com­pletely unique. His next piece of the night on the marimba was Loose Can­nons by  Robert E. Kreutz.  this piece is inter­est­ing in that each part to the song was about Robert’s grand­chil­dren. The next two pieces were Six Ideas and On the Wood­pile, and they were beau­ti­ful pieces. A piece that stood out to me was called Recital Suite for Djembe and it was per­formed per­fectly. Mr. Jones was really get­ting into the song and it seemed like he kept hit­ting the Djembe harder and harder as the song progressed.

Accom­pa­ny­ing Brett through­out the night was Dr. Jeremy Cray­craft who is an assis­tant pro­fes­sor in the music depart­ment at the Col­lege of St. Scholas­tica. He directs the hand Drum Ensem­ble, Drum Line, and Steel Band. Jeremy also per­forms reg­u­larly with the Duluth Supe­rior Orches­tra and has appeared as both sub­sti­tute prin­ci­pal per­cus­sion­ist and prin­ci­pal tim­panist. Brett and Jeremy per­formed Der Glater Buglar, and Gnomes and Other Twi­light Crea­tures together. The sound of the dif­fer­ent per­cus­sion instru­ments play­ing in sync was absolutely beau­ti­ful. the audi­ence absolutely loved watch­ing those two together and it was easy tell tell that they really enjoy doing what they do.

The final piece of the night was per­formed by Brett and Jeremy and was titled Gnomes and Other Twi­light Crea­tures. This piece had to of been one of the audi­ences favorite pieces. The four parts that the piece was divided into was Gnomes, Grem­lins, Gar­goyles, and Gob­lins. Before each part Brett would say some­thing about each crea­ture and when the piece was being played, you could almost imag­ine what the crea­ture is like. It was a very unique piece and was a great one to end the night with. The crowd gave Brett and Jeremy a stand­ing ova­tion, because they both put on a great per­for­mance. Brett Jones did an out­stand­ing job dur­ing his recital and he truly is a professional.

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