An All New Experience Watching “All New People.”

Warning: Spoilers

When one hears the name Zach Braff it is safe to assume that most thoughts go straight to the sitcom Scrubs where Braff played Dr. John Dorian more commonly than not referred to as J.D. The same comforting comedic tones from this beloved show can also be seen in Zach Braff’s new play called “All New People.”

The mood is notably darker but still remains consistently funny throughout the 90 minutes. Braff stars as a character named Charlie and the play begins with Charlie deciding that life is just too unbearable and has made the decision to claim his own life by hanging himself. As he is standing on the chair with a noose around his neck he figures since he’s going to die anyway he may as well reward himself with a last smoke. He is soon interrupted by an estate agent coming to try and sell the home. Emma, the agent, decides that she needs to stick around because it is obviously a sign from the Almighty that she is the agent of Charlie’s salvation.

This great opening is just a start of the comic gags to come. To make it even better, Emma then calls up her drug-dealing local fireman friend and a high-rent prostitute who thinks that she can also cheer him up. As the story continues, one becomes genuinely interested in each of the four characters and their amusing back-stories. When asked why Charlie was attempting suicide his answer is that he has killed six people. This is of course a shock to Emma but the full story does not become clear until the end.

This comedy manages to combine skill and genuine heart all throughout. The Renegade Theater Company in Duluth was showing this play from January 23-25, 30 and February 1 and 6-8. All shows were at 8pm and if you’re in the mood for a darkly comedic play, give “All New People” a try.

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