An All New Experience Watching “All New People.”

Warn­ing: Spoilers

When one hears the name Zach Braff it is safe to assume that most thoughts go straight to the sit­com Scrubs where Braff played Dr. John Dorian more com­monly than not referred to as J.D. The same com­fort­ing comedic tones from this beloved show can also be seen in Zach Braff’s new play called “All New People.”

The mood is notably darker but still remains con­sis­tently funny through­out the 90 min­utes. Braff stars as a char­ac­ter named Char­lie and the play begins with Char­lie decid­ing that life is just too unbear­able and has made the deci­sion to claim his own life by hang­ing him­self. As he is stand­ing on the chair with a noose around his neck he fig­ures since he’s going to die any­way he may as well reward him­self with a last smoke. He is soon inter­rupted by an estate agent com­ing to try and sell the home. Emma, the agent, decides that she needs to stick around because it is obvi­ously a sign from the Almighty that she is the agent of Charlie’s salvation.

This great open­ing is just a start of the comic gags to come. To make it even bet­ter, Emma then calls up her drug-dealing local fire­man friend and a high-rent pros­ti­tute who thinks that she can also cheer him up. As the story con­tin­ues, one becomes gen­uinely inter­ested in each of the four char­ac­ters and their amus­ing back-stories. When asked why Char­lie was attempt­ing sui­cide his answer is that he has killed six peo­ple. This is of course a shock to Emma but the full story does not become clear until the end.

This com­edy man­ages to com­bine skill and gen­uine heart all through­out. The Rene­gade The­ater Com­pany in Duluth was show­ing this play from Jan­u­ary 23–25, 30 and Feb­ru­ary 1 and 6–8. All shows were at 8pm and if you’re in the mood for a darkly comedic play, give “All New Peo­ple” a try.

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