Letter to the Editor on Behalf of Colleges Against Cancer

Josh Lee -- The Stinger

Clearly says "Thank you for not littering"

It is time for the University of Wisconsin-Superior to take a leadership role in the community and go tobacco-free. UMD, St. Scholastica, LSC, and WITC already have policies in place for smoke-free or tobacco free campuses, as do multiple other schools throughout the UW-System.

In 2003, all UW-System residence halls went smoke-free and in 2010, workplaces and public places in Wisconsin joined them.  The Americans for Nonsmoker’s Rights Foundation recently released their updated list of tobacco-free college campuses.  To date, 16 Wisconsin campuses encompassing 57 sites have made the move to a tobacco-free campus, indoors and out.  For the health and protection of all students, faculty and staff, let’s make the University of Wisconsin-Superior the next college to follow this positive trend.

But isn’t it enough to just go smoke-free?  “Why tobacco-free?” you might ask.  Here’s why:

  • Tobacco-free campuses create a healthier and greener environment for students, faculty and staff
  • A tobacco-free environment provides motivation for tobacco users to get the help they need to quit for good
  • Going completely tobacco-free makes implementation and enforcement of policy easier

The facts are the facts.  Tobacco in all its forms is dangerous.  Let’s take a positive step and make UWS a better place for all of us.

Colleges Against Cancer

Student Organization at UW-Superior

1600 Catlin Avenue, Superior, WI 54880


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