Everything You Wanted To Know About Academic Probation and Suspention

How do you get on aca­d­e­mic probation?

Aca­d­e­mic Pro­ba­tion is when a student’s cumu­la­tive GPA falls below 2.0, or when their GPA for an indi­vid­ual semes­ter falls below 1.66.

What does it mean to be on it?

Once on Aca­d­e­mic Pro­ba­tion you can only reg­is­ter for 12–14 cred­its for the next semes­ter. Also you will need to make sure your next semes­ter GPA is above 2.0 in order for you to not go onto Aca­d­e­mic Suspension.

What is aca­d­e­mic suspension?

If, after being on aca­d­e­mic pro­ba­tion, your cumu­la­tive GPA is below 2.0 again, you will not be allowed to enroll in classes for the next semes­ter. If you are put on aca­d­e­mic sus­pen­sion for a sec­ond time it will be even longer before being able to return to school.

How can you get out of aca­d­e­mic pro­ba­tion or suspension?

If you are aca­d­e­m­i­cally sus­pended you will need to peti­tion for rein­state­ment. This is some­thing you can do by going to the Cen­ter for Aca­d­e­mic Advis­ing on UW-Superior’s web­site, and then under Stu­dents select “Probation/Suspension.”

You can get off of aca­d­e­mic pro­ba­tion by hav­ing your cumu­la­tive GPA over 2.0 the fol­low­ing semester.

You will want to talk to your adviser about what exactly your GPA will need to be to get out of pro­ba­tion and avoid sus­pen­sion, and how to avoid get­ting into this sit­u­a­tion again in the future.

Need more help?

Your first semes­ter back after being sus­pended you will be required to take Inde­pen­dent Study, but inde­pen­dent study is open to any stu­dent who wants some extra help. Plus its worth up to 2 cred­its and is an easy A that can help you boost that GPA. If you have any­more ques­tions or con­cerns con­tact your adviser and they will help you in every way they can.

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