Everything You Wanted To Know About Academic Probation and Suspention

How do you get on academic probation?

Academic Probation is when a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, or when their GPA for an individual semester falls below 1.66.

What does it mean to be on it?

Once on Academic Probation you can only register for 12-14 credits for the next semester. Also you will need to make sure your next semester GPA is above 2.0 in order for you to not go onto Academic Suspension.

What is academic suspension?

If, after being on academic probation, your cumulative GPA is below 2.0 again, you will not be allowed to enroll in classes for the next semester. If you are put on academic suspension for a second time it will be even longer before being able to return to school.

How can you get out of academic probation or suspension?

If you are academically suspended you will need to petition for reinstatement. This is something you can do by going to the Center for Academic Advising on UW-Superior’s website, and then under Students select “Probation/Suspension.”

You can get off of academic probation by having your cumulative GPA over 2.0 the following semester.

You will want to talk to your adviser about what exactly your GPA will need to be to get out of probation and avoid suspension, and how to avoid getting into this situation again in the future.

Need more help?

Your first semester back after being suspended you will be required to take Independent Study, but independent study is open to any student who wants some extra help. Plus its worth up to 2 credits and is an easy A that can help you boost that GPA. If you have anymore questions or concerns contact your adviser and they will help you in every way they can.

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