Trivium Explodes with “Vengeance Falls”

Every­one needs to grab on to some­thing because Triv­ium is shak­ing the planet with their new album “Vengeance Falls” that released on Octo­ber 15.

The metal band from Florida started in their late teens with a vision of suc­cess in the early 2000’s and nobody wanted it more than these guys. Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu have proven to make a great team together as song­writ­ers and gui­tarists since start­ing with their first album “Ember to Inferno.” Every album they have released after that has ele­vated them to the top and they are truly rec­og­nized in the metal scene. The album “Shogun” that came out in 2008 was awesome—it was the album that sounded like Triv­ium was com­ing to terms with them­selves and real­iz­ing what it takes to write great music. Some peo­ple who aren’t metal fans are attracted to Trivium’s sound, espe­cially songs that are more mellow.

They came out this year with a real strong album after two years since their last. In this album, it sounds like the band really got back into their roots. There are songs here to punch your neigh­bor to, and tons of lines that I will be scream­ing to in my car with the music blared. Their album from 2011 called “In Waves” was pretty much a bust. It sounded too much like they were repeat­ing them­selves from their pre­vi­ous album “Shogun.” Don’t get me wrong, “Shogun” was a great album but “In Waves” was pretty life­less and bor­ing. A lot of fans were afraid that the new direc­tion was going to be some­thing they wouldn’t like. I like the direc­tion they are on right now, and you can tell that Triv­ium has not for­got­ten about their fans.

Enough of the past album, let’s talk about the new one! Triv­ium enters the year in vet­eran sta­tus and whipped out the per­fect record to prove it. The open­ing num­ber “Brave This Storm” sounds absolutely awe­some with a blast-beating intro that makes your head go up and down. Har­monies on the cho­ruses in this album take the songs to heroic heights, espe­cially when lead singer Matt Heafy goes from scream­ing to clean vocals. The title track has a great intro with mech­a­nized strums of Corey Beaulieu, Matt Heafy, and bassist Paolo Gre­go­letto. Let’s not for­get about the perfectly-sieved beat vari­a­tions from Nick Augusto, who is noth­ing but spot­less on the drums through­out the entire album.

The song “To Believe” is an absolute win­ner on this album with bit­ter­sweet cho­ruses and bridges. In a song like this you real­ize how much of a treat it is to lis­ten to Matt Heafy’s voice. His vocals have really evolved as the band has matured together over the years. “Vengeance Falls” reveals his top notch vocal per­for­mances. He deliv­ers smoother, mature vocals on “Brave This Storm,” “At the End of This War,” “Incin­er­a­tion: The Bro­ken World,” and “Wake.” The gui­tar solos are just how they should be on a Triv­ium record. They are con­gru­ent as ever and are the meati­est sound­ing solos yet to come off of a Triv­ium record. Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu must have come straight from a school of gui­tar wizardry.

After grow­ing up lis­ten­ing to Triv­ium and then hear­ing this record, I can clearly tell they are start­ing to sound more grown up. Some of the break­downs are too quick and there should be more to them but, this is still a really good record. The album may be lean­ing towards main­stream but it’s not sac­ri­fic­ing the bands integrity. “Vengeance Falls” should def­i­nitely please fans and pos­si­bly attract new ones with the inten­sive drive com­ing off this album. Triv­ium has def­i­nitely taken the right step for­ward with this album and I look for­ward to what the future holds for them.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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