Trivium Explodes with “Vengeance Falls”

Everyone needs to grab on to something because Trivium is shaking the planet with their new album “Vengeance Falls” that released on October 15.

The metal band from Florida started in their late teens with a vision of success in the early 2000’s and nobody wanted it more than these guys. Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu have proven to make a great team together as songwriters and guitarists since starting with their first album “Ember to Inferno.” Every album they have released after that has elevated them to the top and they are truly recognized in the metal scene. The album “Shogun” that came out in 2008 was awesome—it was the album that sounded like Trivium was coming to terms with themselves and realizing what it takes to write great music. Some people who aren’t metal fans are attracted to Trivium’s sound, especially songs that are more mellow.

They came out this year with a real strong album after two years since their last. In this album, it sounds like the band really got back into their roots. There are songs here to punch your neighbor to, and tons of lines that I will be screaming to in my car with the music blared. Their album from 2011 called “In Waves” was pretty much a bust. It sounded too much like they were repeating themselves from their previous album “Shogun.” Don’t get me wrong, “Shogun” was a great album but “In Waves” was pretty lifeless and boring. A lot of fans were afraid that the new direction was going to be something they wouldn’t like. I like the direction they are on right now, and you can tell that Trivium has not forgotten about their fans.

Enough of the past album, let’s talk about the new one! Trivium enters the year in veteran status and whipped out the perfect record to prove it. The opening number “Brave This Storm” sounds absolutely awesome with a blast-beating intro that makes your head go up and down. Harmonies on the choruses in this album take the songs to heroic heights, especially when lead singer Matt Heafy goes from screaming to clean vocals. The title track has a great intro with mechanized strums of Corey Beaulieu, Matt Heafy, and bassist Paolo Gregoletto. Let’s not forget about the perfectly-sieved beat variations from Nick Augusto, who is nothing but spotless on the drums throughout the entire album.

The song “To Believe” is an absolute winner on this album with bittersweet choruses and bridges. In a song like this you realize how much of a treat it is to listen to Matt Heafy’s voice. His vocals have really evolved as the band has matured together over the years. “Vengeance Falls” reveals his top notch vocal performances. He delivers smoother, mature vocals on “Brave This Storm,” “At the End of This War,” “Incineration: The Broken World,” and “Wake.” The guitar solos are just how they should be on a Trivium record. They are congruent as ever and are the meatiest sounding solos yet to come off of a Trivium record. Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu must have come straight from a school of guitar wizardry.

After growing up listening to Trivium and then hearing this record, I can clearly tell they are starting to sound more grown up. Some of the breakdowns are too quick and there should be more to them but, this is still a really good record. The album may be leaning towards mainstream but it’s not sacrificing the bands integrity. “Vengeance Falls” should definitely please fans and possibly attract new ones with the intensive drive coming off this album. Trivium has definitely taken the right step forward with this album and I look forward to what the future holds for them.

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 rating.

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