Truth or Fib: The Myths of UWS

Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger went to UWS, and played on the base­ball team

This is half true — well, more like a quar­ter true. He has a degree from UWS in Busi­ness, but he didn’t go to UWS. He took online classes and has only been on cam­pus less than a hand­ful of times. Just enough to get lots of pic­tures and to tell every fresh­man of our celebrity alumni. Why, of every col­lege in the coun­try, Schwarzeneg­ger would choose to get an online degree in busi­ness from UWS is unknown. I have only heard peo­ple claim he played on the base­ball team once, but since we know he a dis­tance learner there is no way that is possible.

If your room­mate dies you get free tuition (or if you get hit by a bus you get free tuition, or if your room­mate dies you get all A’s, etc)

This can be funny to joke about when your room­mate does some­thing stu­pid and you respond “free tuition for me” but none of these var­i­ous myths are true. This myth is one that you’ll find at most any col­lege, but I don’t know any where this is true, includ­ing UWS.

If you use the sauna in Curran-McNeil you will con­tract a d


I don’t think HIV is just sit­ting on the benches wait­ing for its next vic­tim, but then again I’m not a sci­en­tist. Gen­er­ally you shouldn’t go in the sauna with­out shorts on because peo­ple tend to vomit in there. Maybe you should just stay  clear of the sauna in general.

UWS Lost its foot­ball team after a 0-win season

The Yel­low­Jacket foot­ball team ended in 1992, not because of a zero win sea­son (they actu­ally did rea­son­ably well the prior sea­son) but because of too many player injuries and too low a player turnout. They had expected 65–70 play­ers but instead only had 34. Also, many of the play­ers had got­ten injured out of the sea­son. Ath­letic Direc­tor in 1992 Pat Dolan said “The Uni­ver­sity will not risk the health and safety of its stu­dent athletes.”

There are secret tun­nels below campus

True, there are tun­nels, but they’re not really all that secret. You know those brick things at the smok­ing area out­side the YU and Swen­son? Those are two of the open­ings to them. Construction/maintenance work­ers some­times go down there to fix/construct heat­ing and other engi­neer­ing related stuff. From what I under­stand they’re not that big, well lit, or safe to be in.

Felic­ity Bosk — The Stinger



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