Truth or Fib: The Myths of UWS

Arnold Schwarzenegger went to UWS, and played on the baseball team

This is half true – well, more like a quarter true. He has a degree from UWS in Business, but he didn’t go to UWS. He took online classes and has only been on campus less than a handful of times. Just enough to get lots of pictures and to tell every freshman of our celebrity alumni. Why, of every college in the country, Schwarzenegger would choose to get an online degree in business from UWS is unknown. I have only heard people claim he played on the baseball team once, but since we know he a distance learner there is no way that is possible.

If your roommate dies you get free tuition (or if you get hit by a bus you get free tuition, or if your roommate dies you get all A’s, etc)

This can be funny to joke about when your roommate does something stupid and you respond “free tuition for me” but none of these various myths are true. This myth is one that you’ll find at most any college, but I don’t know any where this is true, including UWS.

If you use the sauna in Curran-McNeil you will contract a d


I don’t think HIV is just sitting on the benches waiting for its next victim, but then again I’m not a scientist. Generally you shouldn’t go in the sauna without shorts on because people tend to vomit in there. Maybe you should just stay  clear of the sauna in general.

UWS Lost its football team after a 0-win season

The YellowJacket football team ended in 1992, not because of a zero win season (they actually did reasonably well the prior season) but because of too many player injuries and too low a player turnout. They had expected 65-70 players but instead only had 34. Also, many of the players had gotten injured out of the season. Athletic Director in 1992 Pat Dolan said “The University will not risk the health and safety of its student athletes.”

There are secret tunnels below campus

True, there are tunnels, but they’re not really all that secret. You know those brick things at the smoking area outside the YU and Swenson? Those are two of the openings to them. Construction/maintenance workers sometimes go down there to fix/construct heating and other engineering related stuff. From what I understand they’re not that big, well lit, or safe to be in.

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