Union Bash, a Smash!

This year’s Union Bash, the University of Wisconsin – Superior’s first ever, was a huge success, practically guaranteeing it’s presence next academic year.

The Yellowjacket Union was jammed full with scores of students partaking in the activities held by various student organizations. Some of the notables include the Glow-In-the-Dark Casino which offered exciting games like Craps, Roulette, and Blackjack (which your humble author was lucky enough to deal cards in!). The actual dealers were dressed impeccably in format attire befitting the situation.

Across the way, was the mechanical bull, centered inside of an air filled landing area. RHA was kind enough to offer this activity. With some support from the mechanical bull operator, I was coaxed into taking a ride. My record was 14 seconds. After which, I was thrown completely off. Located right next to the bull station was the photo booth where students and faculty took inspiring pictures that spread messages of love and tolerance, a gentle reminder of our pride in being a liberal, accepting school.

After that, I ventured into the upper YU, where they held the bingo games. There were three rows of tables set up for players who were keeping close track of the numbers being called. Popular track runner and my good friend Ed Martin had already won a DVD copy of the film Rudy. Maria Ibarra and Zoë Scherer had the honor of calling the numbers to the audience. After sitting down and greeting my friends, I picked up a bingo card and began playing. Five minutes later, your humble author won a brand new Nintendo Wii! After countless high fives and cheers and victory dances, I finally accepted my prize. Freshman history major Kelci Greenwood won a 32’ Insignia television set in a game of blackout bingo. Greenwood said, “I wasn’t even going to attend (the Union Bash).” Luckily for her, Scherer insisted that she go. Greenwood plans on giving the brand new TV set to her parents.

Hidden among the mass crowds of people, there were several other booths including walking tacos, a station were you could create your custom shutter shades, and even an Oxygen bar, serving fruit scented 86% oxygen from clear tubes. As a souvenir, you were allowed to keep the air tubes. If all this tired you out, there was a “mocktail” bar, serving free drinks all night.

The highlight of the night was, without doubt, the Dance-Off. RHA’s team, comprised of Codi Gleesing, Mack Peters, and myself, performed first, dancing a tango inspired drama/dance to Jennifer Saunders’ cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero”, mixed by Floor Rep. Sarah Soul. The audience roared in applause to the tune and tango. In the end, the girls’ basketball team took home the trophy after a medley of pump-up songs that involved synchronized timing and movements. They deserved it.

The night ended at midnight, but many students left still talking about the entertainment and the fun they had at the first Union Bash. The Union Bash is a traditional event held at many other schools nationwide, but with no reservations, your humble author can now say that we had a contender of a Bash, with a many activities and a grand turn out. See you next year!

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