Union Bash, a Smash!

This year’s Union Bash, the Uni­ver­sity of Wis­con­sin – Superior’s first ever, was a huge suc­cess, prac­ti­cally guar­an­tee­ing it’s pres­ence next aca­d­e­mic year.

The Yel­low­jacket Union was jammed full with scores of stu­dents par­tak­ing in the activ­i­ties held by var­i­ous stu­dent orga­ni­za­tions. Some of the nota­bles include the Glow-In-the-Dark Casino which offered excit­ing games like Craps, Roulette, and Black­jack (which your hum­ble author was lucky enough to deal cards in!). The actual deal­ers were dressed impec­ca­bly in for­mat attire befit­ting the situation.

Across the way, was the mechan­i­cal bull, cen­tered inside of an air filled land­ing area. RHA was kind enough to offer this activ­ity. With some sup­port from the mechan­i­cal bull oper­a­tor, I was coaxed into tak­ing a ride. My record was 14 sec­onds. After which, I was thrown com­pletely off. Located right next to the bull sta­tion was the photo booth where stu­dents and fac­ulty took inspir­ing pic­tures that spread mes­sages of love and tol­er­ance, a gen­tle reminder of our pride in being a lib­eral, accept­ing school.

After that, I ven­tured into the upper YU, where they held the bingo games. There were three rows of tables set up for play­ers who were keep­ing close track of the num­bers being called. Pop­u­lar track run­ner and my good friend Ed Mar­tin had already won a DVD copy of the film Rudy. Maria Ibarra and Zoë Scherer had the honor of call­ing the num­bers to the audi­ence. After sit­ting down and greet­ing my friends, I picked up a bingo card and began play­ing. Five min­utes later, your hum­ble author won a brand new Nin­tendo Wii! After count­less high fives and cheers and vic­tory dances, I finally accepted my prize. Fresh­man his­tory major Kelci Green­wood won a 32’ Insignia tele­vi­sion set in a game of black­out bingo. Green­wood said, “I wasn’t even going to attend (the Union Bash).” Luck­ily for her, Scherer insisted that she go. Green­wood plans on giv­ing the brand new TV set to her parents.

Hid­den among the mass crowds of peo­ple, there were sev­eral other booths includ­ing walk­ing tacos, a sta­tion were you could cre­ate your cus­tom shut­ter shades, and even an Oxy­gen bar, serv­ing fruit scented 86% oxy­gen from clear tubes. As a sou­venir, you were allowed to keep the air tubes. If all this tired you out, there was a “mock­tail” bar, serv­ing free drinks all night.

The high­light of the night was, with­out doubt, the Dance-Off. RHA’s team, com­prised of Codi Gleesing, Mack Peters, and myself, per­formed first, danc­ing a tango inspired drama/dance to Jen­nifer Saun­ders’ cover of Bon­nie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero”, mixed by Floor Rep. Sarah Soul. The audi­ence roared in applause to the tune and tango. In the end, the girls’ bas­ket­ball team took home the tro­phy after a med­ley of pump-up songs that involved syn­chro­nized tim­ing and move­ments. They deserved it.

The night ended at mid­night, but many stu­dents left still talk­ing about the enter­tain­ment and the fun they had at the first Union Bash. The Union Bash is a tra­di­tional event held at many other schools nation­wide, but with no reser­va­tions, your hum­ble author can now say that we had a con­tender of a Bash, with a many activ­i­ties and a grand turn out. See you next year!

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