Twin Cities Experience Encourages Faith

Christmas, gifts, delicious food, family, friends, Facebook and TV are just a few of the numerous things that will be competing for our attention this Christmas break, and it’s a challenge to tune out the uproar of the world to focus on spiritual growth. Sometimes, getting away to a new environment with a spiritual focus, such as the various conferences offered through Cru, help us pull away from the noise and refocus our God-centered priorities while growing relationships with others and bringing the gospel to the world.

TCX, also known as Twin Cities Experience, is a 4 day conference designed to draw college students closer to the heart of God. Every December, approximately 2,000 college students from across the Midwest gather at the Hilton hotel in downtown Minneapolis to experience God in a new light. Each year, God uses these 4 days to change the lives of everyone who attends.

Throughout the 4 days, there is an abundant amount of opportunities to interact with and respond to The Lord through worship, well-known speakers and personal reflection time. UW-Superior student, Laura Bonsell, spoke about her experience at TCX “There are tons of different seminars and topics to learn about that you can pick from. They have great speakers and the worship is done by students from different campuses.”

During the 4 day conference, TCX serves the Minneapolis community by delivering boxes of food and the gospel to families in need. God uses this well-timed conference in the midst of our Christmas break to refocus us on Christ-like character and a heart for bringing the gospel to families, campuses and the world. Gabriel Zielke, a UW-Superior student, stated, “We went in groups with gift packages and many people we met that afternoon loved receiving the gifts. This gave us an opportunity to share Christ with them, and was probably my favorite part of the whole conference. TCX also shows college students the opportunity of going to the world to spread the word of Jesus.”

Meet with the Lord, explore the claims of Christianity and build everlasting friendships December 28 through January 1 for an unforgettable life changing experience.

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