Next Gen Consoles Hit The Shelves

With Sony’s PS4 out on 11/15 and Microsoft’s Xbox One just a week later, things are heating up in the next generation console war giants. Xbox and PlayStation, as of November, have both sold more than 80million consoles and have loyal fans to argue about which one they think is better. This Year will be a little different in the launch of the consoles in which both will be held in the same week. Back in 2005, Microsoft was alone in the launch of the Xbox 360 and starting price for the system was from $300 to $400 depending on the model , whereas the PS3 starting price was $500/$600 and was launched a year later in 2006. This time around Xbox will be the higher priced console starting at $499 compared to PlayStation’s $399.

Both consoles will now offer Blu-ray players, whereas in the previous generations PlayStation was the only one capable of playing Blu-ray disks. Both consoles will also require you to buy an annual subscription to play online, something very different for PlayStation 3 used to be free to play online. The biggest change to online play in both systems, however, will be the dedicated servers (a smoother online experience with less congestion in signal and fewer connection timeouts) with Xbox one said to have more titles than PS4 in which dedicated servers will be used.
Controllers for both consoles will also be changed, for Xbox, the controller will ultimately only receive minor changes despite Microsoft’s $100 million dollar budget for controller design. The analogue sticks are slightly smaller, with a reduced dead-zone and a soft rubber thimble around the base for extra grip. The control also is better on battery life rumble motors down to about one eighth of their previous size but in more specialized locations throughout. Microsoft stated, “They said redesigning was a crazy idea, they asked how we could even think about touching something that is best-in-class. It’s already the world’s best game controller.”

PlayStation’s newest controller on the other hand had more drastic changes than the previous Dualshock 3 controller. Dualshock 4 controller will have changes from the contour and shape as well as new technology. Some changes are its light sensor at the front of the controller, this sensor keeps track of who is who in the room and if someone hands the controller off to another person, the controller recognizes that and switches the screen to adjust the player change so you don’t have to manually.

Other changes from the joysticks being easier to grip, to the trigger and aim buttons at the top of the controller (R1/R2 and L1/L2 buttons) will no longer be a 90 degree climb on top of the controller, instead the controller will have a more circular feel to it, similar Xbox’s 360 current controller. There is also a touchpad and a speaker on the controller as well so you can hear the bullets through the controller.

Scott Behling -- The Stinger
Both systems have their own exclusive titles and menu interfaces that are a personal choice to users, but on Xbox one the social aspect may have a slight edge. Both consoles allow you keep connected to through apps, but Xbox allows you to stay connected even when you are watching regular TV. If a friend were to send you a message through Xbox live to play a game, their message would appear on the corner of your TV screen because Xbox One allows you to view updates using your TV signal via an HDMI input.

PS4 still has an edge in stats at launch date. Call of Duty Ghosts developer Infinity Ward says it will run at 1080p on the PS4 but only 720p on the Xbox. Console owners can upscale to 1080p but it wouldn’t be as good as native 1080p. The difference in resolution isn’t going to be that noticeable… but the PS4 will always be sharper in picture due to PS4′s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is on paper 50% more powerful than the Xbox One.

One last thing worth mentioning though is both consoles will be unable to play previous gen games. In the end both consoles have their advantages and disadvantages, which is good since not everyone wants the same things in a gaming console. In any case you can’t go wrong with either console since both offer features that go above and beyond that of the previous gen consoles.

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