Discovering and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want to feel at ease with life, discover purpose and feel fit in mind and body?  Wellness is simply more than physical health, exercise or nutrition. Balance in wellness brings stability to the physical, spiritual and mental facets of your life as well.

On November 6, UW-Superior Campus Recreation and Student Health and Counseling Services held a “Balancing Your Wellness” seminar. “Wellness is defined as growth, balance and absence of illness,” Kristy McGiffert, Health Educator at UWS, stated. Focusing on the dimensions indicated on the wellness wheel will help students sustain healthy behaviors over their lifetime.

At the seminar, seven dimensions were covered that make up the Wellness Wheel: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical wellness.
How we connect, converse and get along with society.
How to cope with the emotional challenges of life.
The ability to discover meaning and purpose in life.
The awareness of the ongoing activity among the environment, community and ourselves.
Discovering a balance between work and leisure time.
To be open to new life experiences and concepts to progress through life.
Taking the responsible step to live a healthy lifestyle.

Alternative ways to increase your wellness include attending church, getting involved with a local charity, recycling, setting a routine, exercising, eating healthy and not hesitating to try new things.

“It was also a presentation on finding fulfillment in your job, establishing balance between work and home and our desire to be a life-long learner…” McGiffert stated.

Establishing a healthy balance among these seven dimensions will lead to a happier lifestyle.

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