Blue Mail Box Outside YU Gone

On Novem­ber 7, Supe­rior ‘s post office took away the blue mail box that was out­side the YU, and was the only one on cam­pus, leav­ing stu­dents unsure of where to send their mail.

A notice sign was left on it for a month before being removed. The notice read that this mail box “is sched­uled for removal…due to lack of suf­fi­cient vol­ume received.” They also stated the address of the next near­est mail box: 805 Belk­nap St. Supe­rior, which is the post office.

Felic­ity Bosk — The Stinger
Mail has been in a decline for years, and has earned the name “snail-mail” because it takes days to send items. The first threat to the postal ser­vice was the fax machine. The biggest threat has cer­tainly been email,  because it sends instantly and for free. Today with tex­ting and social media, the only rea­son you have to send a let­ter is to some­one who does not use the inter­net at all. Even bills are paid largely online.

Col­lege stu­dents being the most com­mon inter­net users, most UWS stu­dents don’t even notice the mail box is gone.

It makes no dif­fer­ence to me,” said Court­ney Hill “I can just go to the post office down the street.”

With the new Hawkes and Ross ren­o­va­tion, stu­dents liv­ing in those dorms no longer have to walk to the YU to get their mail and instead their mail­boxes in the dorm. Though stu­dents liv­ing in those dorms still have to walk to six blocks to mail any­thing out.

The notice also included that if you have any ques­tions or con­cerns to call 715–394-6551


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