Blue Mail Box Outside YU Gone

On November 7, Superior ‘s post office took away the blue mail box that was outside the YU, and was the only one on campus, leaving students unsure of where to send their mail.

A notice sign was left on it for a month before being removed. The notice read that this mail box “is scheduled for removal…due to lack of sufficient volume received.” They also stated the address of the next nearest mail box: 805 Belknap St. Superior, which is the post office.

Felicity Bosk -- The Stinger
Mail has been in a decline for years, and has earned the name “snail-mail” because it takes days to send items. The first threat to the postal service was the fax machine. The biggest threat has certainly been email,  because it sends instantly and for free. Today with texting and social media, the only reason you have to send a letter is to someone who does not use the internet at all. Even bills are paid largely online.

College students being the most common internet users, most UWS students don’t even notice the mail box is gone.

“It makes no difference to me,” said Courtney Hill “I can just go to the post office down the street.”

With the new Hawkes and Ross renovation, students living in those dorms no longer have to walk to the YU to get their mail and instead their mailboxes in the dorm. Though students living in those dorms still have to walk to six blocks to mail anything out.

The notice also included that if you have any questions or concerns to call 715-394-6551


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