Opinion: Best place to sleep

If you’re like me, you’re day can be drain­ing. Liv­ing in Hawkes, I usu­ally don’t have 20 min­uets to walk back and forth to my room and then the time Id spend nap­ping, so I end up stay­ing on cam­pus for that.

I got inspi­ra­tion for writ­ing this piece while doz­ing off on one of the dark leather couches upstairs in the YU. Hands down, those two couches are the most com­fort­able place at UWS to sleep. The mate­r­ial is soft and cool but not cold. The arm rests make a pil­low that many hard wooden arm rests around cam­pus do not. The only issue with these couches in rela­tion to sleep­ing is that they are in the stu­dent union. If there is no one already on the couches, there are peo­ple every­where mak­ing it a noises location.

Pink Sher­bet Photography

If you’re look­ing for quiet, the base­ment (Gar­den Level) of the JDH library is your best bet. Sadly there is only one couch down there. It is the quiet level and peo­ple do not go down there too often.

Also in the library are two fire­places. One is on the first floor. This is a com­fort­able place to sleep  by except for that there are almost always peo­ple read­ing there. Upstairs fire­place though, has six couches sur­round­ing it and also usu­ally does not have too many peo­ple sur­round­ing it. Pro­tip: if the fire­places aren’t on, just ask who ever is work­ing at the front desk.

The YU and Library are the only two build­ings on cam­pus with nice couches, but that doesn’t stop peo­ple from sleep­ing in the aca­d­e­mic halls. The benches in Holden are very soft, though they are short and have no head­rest. The best bench in Holden to sleep on is on the first floor under the stair­case fac­ing the park­ing lot. It is pri­vate, secluded, cool and dim.

The last best place to sleep on cam­pus is Swen­son. I’ve never been able to actu­ally fall asleep in that build­ing between the noise and the fact you have to sit in a chair instead of lay down, but that is the place I most com­monly see stu­dents sleep­ing, so it makes its place on the list. The best place in Swen­son to sleep in my opin­ion would by on third floor in the cor­ner of the lounge fac­ing Old Main. Its a very pri­vate lit­tle cor­ner, and ever so slightly more pri­vate than sec­ond floor, and much more pri­vate than any­where on first floor.



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