Opinion: Best place to sleep

If you’re like me, you’re day can be draining. Living in Hawkes, I usually don’t have 20 minuets to walk back and forth to my room and then the time Id spend napping, so I end up staying on campus for that.

I got inspiration for writing this piece while dozing off on one of the dark leather couches upstairs in the YU. Hands down, those two couches are the most comfortable place at UWS to sleep. The material is soft and cool but not cold. The arm rests make a pillow that many hard wooden arm rests around campus do not. The only issue with these couches in relation to sleeping is that they are in the student union. If there is no one already on the couches, there are people everywhere making it a noises location.

Pink Sherbet Photography

If you’re looking for quiet, the basement (Garden Level) of the JDH library is your best bet. Sadly there is only one couch down there. It is the quiet level and people do not go down there too often.

Also in the library are two fireplaces. One is on the first floor. This is a comfortable place to sleep  by except for that there are almost always people reading there. Upstairs fireplace though, has six couches surrounding it and also usually does not have too many people surrounding it. Protip: if the fireplaces aren’t on, just ask who ever is working at the front desk.

The YU and Library are the only two buildings on campus with nice couches, but that doesn’t stop people from sleeping in the academic halls. The benches in Holden are very soft, though they are short and have no headrest. The best bench in Holden to sleep on is on the first floor under the staircase facing the parking lot. It is private, secluded, cool and dim.

The last best place to sleep on campus is Swenson. I’ve never been able to actually fall asleep in that building between the noise and the fact you have to sit in a chair instead of lay down, but that is the place I most commonly see students sleeping, so it makes its place on the list. The best place in Swenson to sleep in my opinion would by on third floor in the corner of the lounge facing Old Main. Its a very private little corner, and ever so slightly more private than second floor, and much more private than anywhere on first floor.



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