UW-Superior Residence Lacking Entertainment Option

The residents of Hawkes Hall, on the campus of University of Wis. Superior, have been without cable in their dorm rooms since the school year started, and it’s begun to irk at least one student.

“It sucks, it makes things boring,” said Ian Walker. Walker lives on the third floor of Hawkes Hall. He stated the lack of cable as the main reason he is unable to stay current with major news and sporting events. “It should have been one of the first things done,” he went on to say.

Steven Lilley
According to Ashley Webster, a residential assistant (RA) on first floor Hawkes, the goal was to have Hawkes Hall completely done by the time students moved in. This completion included having the link between Hawkes and its neighboring Ross dormitory done, having the basement furnished with entertainment amenities, and having working cable in the dorm rooms. Webster cited that little things have kept pushing the completion of Hawkes Hall back. “The building as a whole is behind schedule,” Webster stated.

Brody Bakken, Hall Manager of Ross and Hawkes Halls, was able to give a greater insight to the problem at hand. According to Bakken, Charter cable services have been the company providing cable to the residential halls for at least the past ten years. For the past few years however, Charter has been providing cable to Hawkes Hall over-contract. In other words, the contract between Charter and Hawkes expired a while ago.

When Hawkes Hall began renovation, the UWS Business Dept. stepped in and said it was time to open the bidding up to cable vendors for their services. The bidding was opened up for a two-week window, but concluded without a bid from any of the vendors, including Charter. The bidding was then re-opened for a ten-day period. This time Charter placed a bid and won. With Hawkes Hall being recently renovated however, the hall will need to be completely re-wired to become cable compatible. This has created an unknown timetable for the full implementation of the cable.

This problem could have been possibly avoided all-together according to Bakken. “If it were up to us here at Reslife, (a student organization involved in the residence life community),” “we would have just gone and got Charter to do it again, without ever re-opening up the bidding process.” It wasn’t their jurisdiction to do this however, it was the Business Depts.

Bakken noted that since the vendor has been selected, his hopes are that cable will be installed soon.

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