UW-Superior Residence Lacking Entertainment Option

The res­i­dents of Hawkes Hall, on the cam­pus of Uni­ver­sity of Wis. Supe­rior, have been with­out cable in their dorm rooms since the school year started, and it’s begun to irk at least one student.

It sucks, it makes things bor­ing,” said Ian Walker. Walker lives on the third floor of Hawkes Hall. He stated the lack of cable as the main rea­son he is unable to stay cur­rent with major news and sport­ing events. “It should have been one of the first things done,” he went on to say.

Steven Lil­ley
Accord­ing to Ash­ley Web­ster, a res­i­den­tial assis­tant (RA) on first floor Hawkes, the goal was to have Hawkes Hall com­pletely done by the time stu­dents moved in. This com­ple­tion included hav­ing the link between Hawkes and its neigh­bor­ing Ross dor­mi­tory done, hav­ing the base­ment fur­nished with enter­tain­ment ameni­ties, and hav­ing work­ing cable in the dorm rooms. Web­ster cited that lit­tle things have kept push­ing the com­ple­tion of Hawkes Hall back. “The build­ing as a whole is behind sched­ule,” Web­ster stated.

Brody Bakken, Hall Man­ager of Ross and Hawkes Halls, was able to give a greater insight to the prob­lem at hand. Accord­ing to Bakken, Char­ter cable ser­vices have been the com­pany pro­vid­ing cable to the res­i­den­tial halls for at least the past ten years. For the past few years how­ever, Char­ter has been pro­vid­ing cable to Hawkes Hall over-contract. In other words, the con­tract between Char­ter and Hawkes expired a while ago.

When Hawkes Hall began ren­o­va­tion, the UWS Busi­ness Dept. stepped in and said it was time to open the bid­ding up to cable ven­dors for their ser­vices. The bid­ding was opened up for a two-week win­dow, but con­cluded with­out a bid from any of the ven­dors, includ­ing Char­ter. The bid­ding was then re-opened for a ten-day period. This time Char­ter placed a bid and won. With Hawkes Hall being recently ren­o­vated how­ever, the hall will need to be com­pletely re-wired to become cable com­pat­i­ble. This has cre­ated an unknown timetable for the full imple­men­ta­tion of the cable.

This prob­lem could have been pos­si­bly avoided all-together accord­ing to Bakken. “If it were up to us here at Reslife, (a stu­dent orga­ni­za­tion involved in the res­i­dence life com­mu­nity),” “we would have just gone and got Char­ter to do it again, with­out ever re-opening up the bid­ding process.” It wasn’t their juris­dic­tion to do this how­ever, it was the Busi­ness Depts.

Bakken noted that since the ven­dor has been selected, his hopes are that cable will be installed soon.

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