A Cool but Colorful War at UWS

on the morning of October 19, 13 students from the University of Wisconsin Superior gathered on the CMO soccer field to have a “Paint War,” kicking off the Art Club’s first official event of the school year.

When people arrived, they were given a bandanna to protect their hair from the paint and just before the “war” started, Art Club Vice President Victoria Vanderwerf, quickly explained how the event would take place.

Due to the cold, the excitement to get started was apparent. All participants grabbed a bottle of paint and split into two opposing groups facing each other from approximately 15 yards apart. On the count of three the lids were popped as the participants stormed towards each other, squirting paint on whoever came near.

“The idea for ‘Paint War’ came over the summer, when I tried it with my friends, said Bethany Kepler, President of the Art Club, “It was super cheap, and I thought it would be fun to do for the Art Club’s first event.”

All materials used for the event were financed by the club, according to Vanderwerf. The paint from approximately 85 bottles were spread on participants as well as on the grass, but it will all vanish when the rain comes. “The paint used for the purpose is syniergized, and so it won’t damage the environment,” Kepler assured. “Receiving permission to hold the event was therefore not a problem.”

After about half an hour of the “Paint War” all participants were covered with paint in all shades of colors. Participant Megan Schmudlach, however, didn’t mind. “I wore old clothes, and it was definitely worth it. No regrets.”

Although only 13 people showed up, Vanderwerf was pleased. “People tend to sleep in on Saturdays,” she said, “but it was a success. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

According to Kepler, “Paint War” will be arranged again next year, but the club plans to schedule the event for earlier in the season and later in the day in hopes of more people showing up.

Even though Kepler did not participate in the action herself, she said that she enjoyed watching her plan come to life. Kepler took several pictures of the happening, which can be found on the club’s Facebook page.

The Art Club meets in Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center in room 3128 every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The club is open for everyone.

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