Stinger Sports Athletic Profile: UWS Men’s Soccer Head Coach Joe Mooney

Joe Mooney is in this 6th year as head coach of the UWS Men’s  Soccer team. Over the last five seasons he has gone on to achieve a 51-31-10 record with the Yellowjackets. Mooney began coaching at Spooner high school as an assistant coach for the boy’s team before becoming head coach of Spooner’s girl’s soccer team. he began his career here at UWS in 2007 when he joined the men’s soccer program as an assistant coach. He found himself leading the charge for the UWS men.

Who has your been your toughest opponents so far this season?

“We have had a few of tough opponents; Oshkosh, Loras and Olaf so quite a few.”

How much has D1 Transfer Brian Grand helped the Team?

“He has been an enormous help. He brings an added element that we didn’t necessarily have before.”

The chances UWS making your first NCAA appearance?

“Its going to be tough at this point, we put our self in a bit of a dire situation but if we can win out, I think we have a decent chance of making the playoffs. We don’t have a pool A (automatic qualifier) so we have to get in through a pool B birth. So even if we win our conference tournament we aren’t guaranteed a spot into the national tournament.”

What were your expectations coming into this season?

“Expectations have continued to grow as a program. We have put ourselves into a position where we are competitive with everyone in our region. We want to put ourselves where we are one of the top teams in the region and I think we will continue to grow to that goal.”

What are the key roles your senior class has played on the team?

“We have a great senior class, we have six starters. Outside of the outstanding play the guys have brought, I think we have seen a growth in leadership and all six of them contribute to that leadership core.”

Any Injuries you guys have had?

“We have been hit fairly hard with the injuries. Ryan Linsmayer suffered a dislocated ankle the very first game, so he will be out for the entire season, he is a key player for us. Alex Young missed three games, he is a center defender for us.”

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