Jetty Rae asks UWS “Are you Ready to Folk?”

SUPERIOR, Wis. – She stood on stage, guitar in hand, her mouth hidden behind the microphone. She calmly asked the audience, “Are you ready to folk”. Her body stayed relatively still on stage, her fingers on a six string, in between strums, yet her voice sailed out and resonated into the ears of her eager listeners. She presented an Eden Espinosa like persona that endured experience.

Yoel Yohannes -- The Stinger
A native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Jetty Rae performed a show in the Yellowjacket Union on October 17, sharing with the campus twelve of her favorite tracks. She gave an exceptional performance, humbly thanking her patrons after each song. Her performance was reminiscent of the iconic singer-songwriter genre setup. She was armed only with a guitar and a mic, with two bottles of water on stage, and sang melodies about a harsh life, redemption, love, and a few sample songs from other well-known artists including Johnny Cash and Minnesota native Bob Dylan.

Her original pieces included a song that stuck out called Off the Grid. The song revolved around the idea of just picking up and disappearing, leading a nomadic life free of responsibilities. The song lyrics went as follows:

“We could sell our house, burn our money/hit the road, just you and me, honey/drive into the great Unknown”

She followed with a song entitled Favorite Song, recalling to me the artists called Il Abanico, who is often aired on our own campus radio station. There is a great number of more well-known artist that I could compare Jetty to, including  the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Norah Jones.

Jetty Rae performing "Off the Grid" 10-17-13Yoel Yohannes -- The Stinger
After the show, the stunningly impressive Jetty Rae rested while offering signed CDs of her newest album to the audience, those who stopped and spoke to her were offered free CDs. She was kind enough to share with her newly found fans some of her backstory. She revealed how she was highly influenced in her youth by the church music she listened to with her missionary parents. She got her start by borrowing $900 from her grandmother to record and self-produce her first album Blackberries. In her eight years of singing and songwriting, she has produced five albums, the newest one being Climbing Clouds.

     Climbing Clouds can be heard on KUWS 91.3 FM, the University of Wisconsin-Superior radio station, on The Dean’s List, along with other independent, alternative, folk, hip-hop, and rock. The show airs Monday through Thursday, from 10 pm to 1am. Songs from the Jetty Rae’s fifth album to be aired include Kerosene, Off the Grid, Climbing Clouds (the title track), Fallin’, and an alternative version of Fallin’. Tune in and enjoy Jetty Rae.

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