Jetty Rae asks UWS “Are you Ready to Folk?”

SUPERIOR, Wis. — She stood on stage, gui­tar in hand, her mouth hid­den behind the micro­phone. She calmly asked the audi­ence, “Are you ready to folk”. Her body stayed rel­a­tively still on stage, her fin­gers on a six string, in between strums, yet her voice sailed out and res­onated into the ears of her eager lis­ten­ers. She pre­sented an Eden Espinosa like per­sona that endured experience.

Yoel Yohannes — The Stinger
A native of Ann Arbor, Michi­gan, Jetty Rae per­formed a show in the Yel­low­jacket Union on Octo­ber 17, shar­ing with the cam­pus twelve of her favorite tracks. She gave an excep­tional per­for­mance, humbly thank­ing her patrons after each song. Her per­for­mance was rem­i­nis­cent of the iconic singer-songwriter genre setup. She was armed only with a gui­tar and a mic, with two bot­tles of water on stage, and sang melodies about a harsh life, redemp­tion, love, and a few sam­ple songs from other well-known artists includ­ing Johnny Cash and Min­nesota native Bob Dylan.

Her orig­i­nal pieces included a song that stuck out called Off the Grid. The song revolved around the idea of just pick­ing up and dis­ap­pear­ing, lead­ing a nomadic life free of respon­si­bil­i­ties. The song lyrics went as follows:

We could sell our house, burn our money/hit the road, just you and me, honey/drive into the great Unknown”

She fol­lowed with a song enti­tled Favorite Song, recall­ing to me the artists called Il Aban­ico, who is often aired on our own cam­pus radio sta­tion. There is a great num­ber of more well-known artist that I could com­pare Jetty to, includ­ing  the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Norah Jones.

Jetty Rae performing "Off the Grid" 10-17-13Yoel Yohannes — The Stinger
After the show, the stun­ningly impres­sive Jetty Rae rested while offer­ing signed CDs of her newest album to the audi­ence, those who stopped and spoke to her were offered free CDs. She was kind enough to share with her newly found fans some of her back­story. She revealed how she was highly influ­enced in her youth by the church music she lis­tened to with her mis­sion­ary par­ents. She got her start by bor­row­ing $900 from her grand­mother to record and self-produce her first album Black­ber­ries. In her eight years of singing and song­writ­ing, she has pro­duced five albums, the newest one being Climb­ing Clouds.

     Climb­ing Clouds can be heard on KUWS 91.3 FM, the Uni­ver­sity of Wisconsin-Superior radio sta­tion, on The Dean’s List, along with other inde­pen­dent, alter­na­tive, folk, hip-hop, and rock. The show airs Mon­day through Thurs­day, from 10 pm to 1am. Songs from the Jetty Rae’s fifth album to be aired include Kerosene, Off the Grid, Climb­ing Clouds (the title track), Fallin’, and an alter­na­tive ver­sion of Fallin’. Tune in and enjoy Jetty Rae.

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