Are Hawkes and Ross Hall Haunted?

Is Hawkes and or Ross Hall haunted? Some say it is, but most skep­tics would disagree.

When Cas­san­dra Repin­ski lived in Ross, she had a lot of odd expe­ri­ences. “Towards the end of first semes­ter, my room­mate moved out so for a while I had a sin­gle room,” said said. “I have a ten­dency to wake up in the mid­dle of the night and when I did once, I heard the bed above me shift (the beds were bunked and I slept on the bot­tom bunk) and sheets mov­ing. I didn’t think any­thing of it until I remem­bered that there shouldn’t be any­one sleep­ing there.”

The dic­tio­nary def­i­n­i­tion of a ghost is “an appari­tion of a dead per­son that is believed to appear or become man­i­fest to the liv­ing, typ­i­cally as a neb­u­lous image.” If you believe in ghosts, you are not alone. In 2005 researchers found that about one-third of Amer­i­cans believe in ghosts. Also, the US is num­ber 1 in the world for the amount of cit­i­zens believ­ing in Angles. The idea of “ghosts” has been around for cen­turies, cre­at­ing their own lit­er­ary genre, “Ghost stories.”

The idea that loved ones are still with us is com­fort­ing, but the idea that some­one is there when we are alone is scary. Most believ­ers in ghosts speak from expe­ri­ence. Maybe they lived in a “haunted” house, or they’re par­ents told them about their own expe­ri­ences. No mat­ter how many sto­ries sci­en­tists hear, they all still say “no” about their exis­tence. This is because there are not many uni­ver­sally excepted ideas of what a ghost is. For exam­ple, are they intan­gi­ble and fly through walls or are they tan­gi­ble and pick up your shoes and hide them?

Some­times the blinds will shake as if the win­dow is open and a breeze is com­ing in, except the win­dow is closed and so is my door,” said Hawkes Hall res­i­dent Paul Van Keulen.

My room­mate was quite freaked out and put a St. Bene­dict medal­lion on the wall. It put him at ease,” said Hawkes Hall res­i­dent Matt Munkel­witz. “He is just superstitious.”

It is gen­er­ally accepted that a ghost only exists if some­one has died, and Hawkes Hall is no excep­tion. In 2011 when the build­ing was used by The Cen­ter Against Sex­ual and Domes­tic Abuse (CASDA) a female passes away in the building.

Repin­ski also told of a time she and her friend were talk­ing and all the sud­den a cup was pushed off her desk

I say pushed because it was in the mid­dle of the desk so it couldn’t have just fallen over,” she added.

The idea of a per­son who has passed away still liv­ing on with cog­ni­tive thought and emo­tions is a hard one for most peo­ple to ratio­nally find true, but one many of us . I don’t think this story should deter any­one from liv­ing in Hawkes Hall. For one, peo­ple tend to feel a ghostly pres­ence when they are alone, but you’re never really alone in the build­ing with peo­ple always in the hall­ways, lounges, or their own rooms. Also, Hak­wes hall is the most mod­ern and advanced build­ing on cam­pus, tying with Ross for that title what with them being newly ren­o­vated. With free laun­dry, kitchens and lounges on every floor Hawkes is still a great build­ing to live in even if it poten­tially has a ghostly resident.

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