Def Leppard Proclaims Viva Hysteria

Have you ever wanted to go see your favorite artist in con­cert but tick­ets were too expen­sive? What if I told you that you could go see that artist in con­cert in your area for a lot cheaper than con­cert tick­ets usu­ally are? See­ing live con­certs in a movie the­aters are now a pos­si­bil­ity. Con­certs in a movie the­ater are becom­ing more pop­u­lar and it allows an audi­ence to see a live show on the big screen. It’s not the same as see­ing the band live in per­son, but, it’s the next best thing. Espe­cially if they aren’t play­ing in an eas­ily accessed venue.

Nathan Kashak — The Stinger
Octo­ber 8, at Lakes 10 Cin­ema in Duluth, I took a flash­back in time as the event took fans on a trippy, nos­tal­gic ride of a high energy per­for­mance by the rock band Def Lep­pard. NCM Fathom Events and Anschutz Enter­tain­ment Group part­nered to present Def Lep­pard: Viva Hys­te­ria. The con­cert was pre­sented in a spec­tac­u­lar two night cin­ema event broad­cast­ing from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Def Lep­pard is an Eng­lish rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal move­ment. The band con­sists of Rick Sav­age (bass, back­ing vocals), Joe Elliott (lead vocals), Rick Allen (drums), Phil Collen (gui­tar, back­ing vocals), and Vivian Camp­bell (gui­tar, back­ing vocals). Vivian Camp­bell replaced Steve Clark in 1992 after he passed away due to drug and alco­hol abuse. The band has been inspir­ing every­one with their music for 33 years and shows no sign of stopping.

Nathan Kashak — The Stinger
In the begin­ning of the film the audi­ence is given a vari­ety of vin­tage inter­views and footage of the band off­stage present a more per­sonal intro­duc­tion to the band. As the con­cert begins they’re shown scenes of past per­for­mances with the band dis­play­ing absolute pas­sion in doing what they do best. The audi­ence in Vegas ranged from the orig­i­nal fans that have been with them from the start; to a new gen­er­a­tion show­ing more inter­est in clas­sic 80’s rock n roll.
Gui­tarist Phil Collen emerged alone from the dark­ness, play­ing the intro to Women, and mak­ing the crowd jump to their feet in antic­i­pa­tion. The fans were going absolutely wild as the rest of band entered the stage and lit the venue up. The band has a trade­mark sound that is like no other. It’s easy to iden­tify a Def Lep­pard song on the radio because of that dis­tinct sound that they have. Front man Joe Elliot has an amaz­ing stage pres­ence with very strong vocals, match­ing the inten­sity around him. His emo­tions were run­ning very high through­out the night. This was the first show ever to be sent out to thou­sands of the­aters through­out the world.
Nathan Kashak — The Stinger
Lighters were being waved through the entire venue as gui­tarist Vivian Camp­bell began to start out the song Hys­te­ria, which is the title track of their most famous album. When Phil Collen and Vivian Camp­bell play side by side together the trans­mit­ted an elec­tri­fy­ing feel­ing to the crowd, as well as dur­ing the song Pho­to­graph. Rick Allen is seen as a British blur behind the kit. He has only one arm but his play is still pow­er­ful with the use of mul­ti­ple foot ped­als. Rick Sav­age was a joy to watch as he worked up the crowd with his bass and gave every­one a great sound with his backup vocals.
Def Lep­pard stirred up the crowd with ener­getic songs like Pour Some Sugar on Me, “Rocket”, and Ani­mal. After their song Gods of War was done the stage went dark and the band exited and seemed to fin­ish their night. How­ever, The crowd was still invig­o­rated by the show and was scream­ing for more Def Lep­pard. The band returned to the stage with explod­ing energy for the two-song encore of Rock of Ages and Pho­to­graph.

Nathan Kashak — The Stinger
From tri­umph to tragedy, Def Leppard’s story is absolutely fas­ci­nat­ing. When drum­mer Rick Allen lost an arm in a hor­ri­ble car acci­dent, the band was right there for him, giv­ing him time to recover and to learn how to play with his feet on a spe­cial kit. When gui­tarist Steve Clark passed away, they kept on. Viva Hys­te­ria was shot while gui­tarist Vivian Camp­bell received chemother­apy for cancer.

The band fin­ished the night by tak­ing a bow and thank­ing every­one around the world watch­ing for an unbe­liev­able night. This was a five star show that cer­tainly did not dis­ap­point and will soon be avail­able out on DVD. Fans of Def Lep­pard will love this film and it will make them want to check out a con­certs on the sil­ver screen

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