Weather Update: October 14th & 15th

If per chance you had a talk­ing 1982 Pon­tiac Trans Am famously known as the Knight Indus­tries Two Thou­sand (KITT for short), the auto­mo­bile would most likely inform you that it is detect­ing a major weather dis­tur­bance com­ing for early this week.  Chance are that this is not the case, so I will be the one to inform you of what kind of dis­tur­bance is in the offing.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 14: A jim-dandy start to the day comes to the UWS cam­pus region.  Fur­ther into the day, clouds will increase and those cloud may deposit evening rain show­ers.  With vari­able winds around 5–10 MPH, high tem­per­a­tures of 49–53 will fre­quent the community.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15: Per­sis­tent cloudi­ness will remain thick and wide­spread.  Rain oppor­tu­ni­ties will con­tinue.  Some of this rain may be of the heavy tem­pera­ment, and pond­ing of water may result.  A sea­son­able cool day will be empha­sized by NE winds gust­ing to 30 MPH.  Low tem­per­a­tures of 39–43 and high tem­per­a­tures of 48–52 will be most prevalent.
Again, I will take a moment to thank you for tak­ing a brief moment from your stud­ies to read my lat­est weather prog­nos­ti­ca­tion for the UWS cam­pus com­mu­nity.  Your read­er­ship means plenty to me.  And as always, con­tinue that awe­some study­ing you do!
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