Weather Update: October 14th & 15th

If per chance you had a talking 1982 Pontiac Trans Am famously known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT for short), the automobile would most likely inform you that it is detecting a major weather disturbance coming for early this week.  Chance are that this is not the case, so I will be the one to inform you of what kind of disturbance is in the offing.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 14: A jim-dandy start to the day comes to the UWS campus region.  Further into the day, clouds will increase and those cloud may deposit evening rain showers.  With variable winds around 5-10 MPH, high temperatures of 49-53 will frequent the community.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15: Persistent cloudiness will remain thick and widespread.  Rain opportunities will continue.  Some of this rain may be of the heavy temperament, and ponding of water may result.  A seasonable cool day will be emphasized by NE winds gusting to 30 MPH.  Low temperatures of 39-43 and high temperatures of 48-52 will be most prevalent.
Again, I will take a moment to thank you for taking a brief moment from your studies to read my latest weather prognostication for the UWS campus community.  Your readership means plenty to me.  And as always, continue that awesome studying you do!
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