Schmooze-a-Palooza Opens Doors for Student’s Future

The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Alumni Association, Career Services, and the Dept. of Business and Economics (DBE) sponsored their fourth annual Schmooze-A-Palooza late Wednesda October 2nd.

Schmooze-A-Palooza, also known as the DBE Networking Night, hosted fourteen local businesses to present their opportunities of internships and jobs for students planning on gaining leadership experience or skills and knowledge in their major. Kathy Pykkonen, the Director of the University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Career Services, stated, “Networking is the number one way to find a job and by hosting this event, the students are able to connect with employers in an intimate manner.” The employers and alumni who attended the six minute speed networking event got to know the students and answered questions that the students inquired. UW-Superior students were able to familiarize themselves with the employers and alumni as well by asking the employers and alumni, themselves, questions about their positions within their business and how they got there.

Schmooze-A-Palooza is primarily for junior and senior students attending UWS who are looking to branch out. In order for the students to attend the DBE Networking Night they had to RSVP through Jacket Jobs prior to the day of the event. A few of the professors from the Dept. of Business and Economics helped by having a sign-up sheet within their classrooms to register for Schmooze-A-Palooza while others made the event a requirement for their class as well as an opportunity for extra credit.

UWS students wore business professional/casual clothing during the event to look presentable for the employers. Once the speed networking begun students were split into different groups and then spread out amongst the various tables that were set up by a number of employers. The speed networking night included Kathy Pykkonen ringing a bell every six minutes; once the bell rang each group would switch tables and go around the room clockwise so that everyone would be able to meet with each employer in a timely manner. Another bell rang to begin each session the employers informed a multitude of students about what they had to offer within their business and what the students could do in order to begin the process of obtaining an internship or job. Dillon Beesley, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Superior who had attended Schmooze-A-Palooza for the first time said that the event was “informative” and that “it helps people get used to putting themselves out there and asking questions that they need to ask to business employers.”

Schmooze-A-Palooza will be re-occurring next year so if you are a sophomore with a major in the Business Dept. Possibly consider attending the event in coming years.

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