Gender Equity uses Sock Puppets to ask “Got Kids?”

On Wednes­day in the Gen­der Equity Resource Cen­ter, stu­dents and staff together enjoyed mak­ing sock pup­pets as part of the orga­ni­za­tions “Stitch and B****” event. It was orga­nized by Rebecca Ander­son and was sup­ported by the orga­ni­za­tion Got Kids? to let stu­dents know the oppor­tu­ni­ties on cam­pus for them to use and take advan­tage of.

Sup­plies given were socks, vary­ing in color and size. Some cre­ators chose a blank white sock can­vas while oth­ers used stripped col­ored socks. Google eyes added depth to socks pup­pets and dif­fer­ent fab­rics were used to make a col­or­ful mouth.  Fuzzy pom­poms gave the pup­pets char­ac­ter and dif­fer­ent atti­tudes. Each sock pup­pet was given a spe­cial name.

Got Kids? hopes to orga­nize sup­port groups, allow for a net­work to con­nect with other stu­dent par­ents. Fam­ily friendly events will be held on and off cam­pus. The orga­ni­za­tion wants to make UWS a Fam­ily Friendly Environment.

Got Kids? is about par­ents com­ing together and putting together a list of local com­mu­nity resources such as; med­ical, food shelves, day care, shel­ters, sup­port groups, and things of this nature. Par­ents putting together infor­ma­tive tables about con­tra­cep­tives, safe sex, breast­feed­ing, par­ent­ing skills, par­ent­ing stres­sors, par­ent­ing chil­dren with spe­cial needs, dis­ci­pline tech­niques, and so forth. Got Kids? can coor­di­nate more fam­ily events on cam­pus, more chil­dren friendly envi­ron­ments (in time of home­work, no sit­ter, bro­ken home com­puter), and help­ful things to ben­e­fit our fam­i­lies as a whole. Got Kids? is about help­ing one another learn, being a sup­port sys­tem; and build­ing a strong advo­cacy group as well. This is a group in which poli­cies can be made, changed, dis­cussed, and things of this nature based on the needs of the par­ents (in college).

Look for signs posted up around cam­pus about next month’s event. For any ques­tions or to get more infor­ma­tion, con­tact Tarah Groet­tum their Pres­i­dent at

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