Gender Equity uses Sock Puppets to ask “Got Kids?”

On Wednesday in the Gender Equity Resource Center, students and staff together enjoyed making sock puppets as part of the organizations “Stitch and B****” event. It was organized by Rebecca Anderson and was supported by the organization Got Kids? to let students know the opportunities on campus for them to use and take advantage of.

Supplies given were socks, varying in color and size. Some creators chose a blank white sock canvas while others used stripped colored socks. Google eyes added depth to socks puppets and different fabrics were used to make a colorful mouth.  Fuzzy pompoms gave the puppets character and different attitudes. Each sock puppet was given a special name.

Got Kids? hopes to organize support groups, allow for a network to connect with other student parents. Family friendly events will be held on and off campus. The organization wants to make UWS a Family Friendly Environment.

Got Kids? is about parents coming together and putting together a list of local community resources such as; medical, food shelves, day care, shelters, support groups, and things of this nature. Parents putting together informative tables about contraceptives, safe sex, breastfeeding, parenting skills, parenting stressors, parenting children with special needs, discipline techniques, and so forth. Got Kids? can coordinate more family events on campus, more children friendly environments (in time of homework, no sitter, broken home computer), and helpful things to benefit our families as a whole. Got Kids? is about helping one another learn, being a support system; and building a strong advocacy group as well. This is a group in which policies can be made, changed, discussed, and things of this nature based on the needs of the parents (in college).

Look for signs posted up around campus about next month’s event. For any questions or to get more information, contact Tarah Groettum their President at

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