Wisconsin Politicians Fight Synthetics

Over the last nine months, lawmakers have been putting together a bill to help close loopholes they say synthetic drug makers have been using. The synthetic drug makers are avoiding prosecution by changing the make-up of the drugs quicker that the state can ban them.

Representative Janet Bewley of Ashland says that the current definition of synthetic drugs is too vague.

“They need something with clarity and with teeth so that law enforcement and the criminal justice system will be able to act with confidence that it will hold up in court, this legislation gives that, it provides that clarity.”

She says the legislation that was introduced on Thursday has what they need to prosecute sellers of synthetic drugs.

“It gives a very long list of similar compounds and they just need to have reasonable comparison to this list in order to prosecute.”

Senator Bob Jauch says the new legislation will put an end to the loop hole where the chemistry is altered to avoid prosecution.

“This new law will in essence say that even if it is altered if it maintains the same chemical composition that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it’s the same poison.”

Jauch says he believes that this new law will help put the retail sellers and the sellers over the internet out of business.

“The fact of the matter is Wisconsin is putting those who sell this drug on notice that Wisconsin is dead serious about taking them head on and removing this product.”

Jauch and Bewley say even with this new bill, it is still not going to be easy to shut down fake pot. They say there’s a lot of money that can be made from synthetic marijuana.

They both expect the Legislature to consider and approve the bill before adjournment in November.

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