Weather Update: September 25 & 26th

I bet that some of you are in your highest spirits knowing that in a matter of weeks, a multitude of colors will adorn the trees throughout the City of Superior, and surrounding areas.  For this time being, the foliage remains in a stubbornly verdant mood.  Despite this, there are isolated pockets of brilliant oranges and reds to be found.  If you are looking to venture into the vast outdoors in pursuit of stunningly opulent fall colors, here are the weather conditions that can be expected for the forthcoming two days:
Early commuters may experience foggy conditions.  As the strength of the sun increases through the morning and afternoon hours…..fog will give way to the pleasantries of welcome sunshine!  The abundance of sunshine will permit high temperatures to soar into the 64-68 degree neighborhood.  E/SE winds of 5-10 MPH will frequent the region.  As for the chance of precipitation, we can all pencil in a 0% for that!
One step closer to Friday!  Speaking of stepping, a small climb in high temperatures comes your way with high temperature values of 65-69 degrees.  Lows of 43-47 will provide a crisp autumnal feel to the UWS campus, meaning that wearing extra layers are in order.  SE winds of 5-10 MPH with gusts to 25 MPH will sure keep a stir in the air.  With winds gusts like that… may need to wear suction footwear to prevent getting blown away from campus.  I doubt that will happen…..just trying to humor you!
Once again, I thank you for your readership.  It means a great deal to me.  Keep on doing the grand work you do and enjoy this gracious serving of autumnal mildness.
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