Weather Update: September 25 & 26th

I bet that some of you are in your high­est spir­its know­ing that in a mat­ter of weeks, a mul­ti­tude of col­ors will adorn the trees through­out the City of Supe­rior, and sur­round­ing areas.  For this time being, the foliage remains in a stub­bornly ver­dant mood.  Despite this, there are iso­lated pock­ets of bril­liant oranges and reds to be found.  If you are look­ing to ven­ture into the vast out­doors in pur­suit of stun­ningly opu­lent fall col­ors, here are the weather con­di­tions that can be expected for the forth­com­ing two days:
Early com­muters may expe­ri­ence foggy con­di­tions.  As the strength of the sun increases through the morn­ing and after­noon hours.….fog will give way to the pleas­antries of wel­come sun­shine!  The abun­dance of sun­shine will per­mit high tem­per­a­tures to soar into the 64–68 degree neigh­bor­hood.  E/SE winds of 5–10 MPH will fre­quent the region.  As for the chance of pre­cip­i­ta­tion, we can all pen­cil in a 0% for that!
One step closer to Fri­day!  Speak­ing of step­ping, a small climb in high tem­per­a­tures comes your way with high tem­per­a­ture val­ues of 65–69 degrees.  Lows of 43–47 will pro­vide a crisp autum­nal feel to the UWS cam­pus, mean­ing that wear­ing extra lay­ers are in order.  SE winds of 5–10 MPH with gusts to 25 MPH will sure keep a stir in the air.  With winds gusts like that.….you may need to wear suc­tion footwear to pre­vent get­ting blown away from cam­pus.  I doubt that will happen.….just try­ing to humor you!
Once again, I thank you for your read­er­ship.  It means a great deal to me.  Keep on doing the grand work you do and enjoy this gra­cious serv­ing of autum­nal mildness.
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