Get Lei’d Safely Week

You may have  seen workers in the Union Cafe’ as well as students walking around campus wearing Leis around their necks. This is because they stopped by the Get Lei’d Safely table in the atrium of the Yellowjacket Union. “The Get Lei’d Safely Week is an annual event that is designed to promote awareness of safe sex and safe sex practices” says Dawn Schulze, the coordinator of Student Heath and Counseling. Dawn continued to describe the purpose of the event by stating that it is not necessarily promoting sex, but its primary focus is to promote choices. If students do choose to have sex, Student Health and Counseling wants to make sure that they are doing so safely. Dawn explained different options that sexually active students have, including male and female condoms, and that they are essential in protecting against unwanted pregnancy, STD’s, and STI’s.

The Get Lei’d Safely week takes place between 11 AM and 1 PM and runs through Thursday. Each day has a different focus, ranging from information about STD’s on Monday, to information on sex on Tuesday, to healthy and safe relationships on Wednesday. The Get Lei’d Safely week will also provide students with information on crisis resources, clinical services, and contraceptive methods says Kristy McGiffert, the health educator for Student Health and Counseling. Free condoms, candy and other resources are given out at the table all week long.

Next time you are in the Yellowjacket Union during those convenient hours , stop by the table and check it out for yourself. You will be enthusiastically greeted by people who are eager to answer any questions and give you any information that you may need. For a full itinerary of the Get Lei’d Safely week go to for more information.


Josh Lee
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