Jacket Java Begins to Sell Alcohol

With a new year, stu­dents can expect many changes around cam­pus. From incom­ing stu­dents, to new pro­fes­sors and new classes, a return­ing stu­dent may find some­thing new at UWS after every sum­mer. There has been a major change to the Yel­low­jacket Union this year. You may have noticed signs for­bid­ding alco­holic bev­er­ages beyond a cer­tain point. Jacket Java  is now serve­ing beer and wine.

This new oppor­tu­nity to buy beer and wine on cam­pus doesn’t come with­out rules how­ever, many restric­tions have been put down in order to avoid under­age con­sump­tion and binge drink­ing. First, any­one pur­chas­ing their favorite lager or mer­lot will have to show their I.D. every time they pur­chase a drink, and only one drink is allowed to be bought per pur­chase. Pur­chas­ing a drink for another per­son, even if you’re both of legal age, isn’t allowed.


You also can’t take your drink of choice very far from Jacket Java. As pre­vi­ously stated, there are cer­tain areas where you can and can’t enjoy a tasty bev­er­age, but with some “feng shui” of the area it’s become a more hos­pitable hang­out area.

Alex Derosier, 21, seemed to like the pol­icy. “I think it’s just fine, they have a respon­si­ble but casual pol­icy,” he stated. “They aren’t loom­ing over you men­ac­ingly, but it also isn’t spring break with Car­son Daly either.”

The selec­tion of beer and wine is quite large as well. The beers being sold are New Glarus Spot­ted Cow (a farm­house lager), Lake Superior’s Spe­cial Ale, Grain Belt Nordeast (an Amer­i­can style Lager), Miller Light (a pale lager), Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss (a wheat ale), South Shore’s Nut Brown (an Eng­lish brown ale), and South Shore Stout (a cof­fee stout). Along with seven dif­fer­ent styles of beer, the three types of Bare­foot wine give plenty of options for an after class drink.

While it sounds like a good idea on paper, some won­dered whether the exor­bi­tant amount of bars around the city would really impact the Jacket Java’s sales. Robin Priem, 50, an employee at Jacket Java stated, “Some nights are bet­ter than oth­ers. Some nights we have one or two peo­ple, and oth­ers we have a really good group.” When asked whether peo­ple treated it as a stop for one drink or more, she said, “It depends. Some­one is here every night for one or two drinks, but if there’s an event peo­ple are more likely to stay for a few.”

While the leg­end of UWS’s famous “Beer Bar” may still mut­tered about in cer­tain cir­cles, it’s been a long while since the cam­pus has sold alco­hol on prop­erty. Along with that and the exor­bi­tant amount of bars around town, it makes some won­der why it’s nec­es­sary, but stu­dents seem to really enjoy it. “I’m still going to do most of my drink­ing  off cam­pus, but it is a nice way to relax after a hard day of work” said Alex.

While Jacket Java still sells all your cof­fee needs in the morn­ing, by evening its new addi­tions to the menu have turned more than a few heads. The final word of the motion to make beer and wine avail­able is that of every alco­hol com­mer­cial on tele­vi­sion, “Enjoy responsibly”.

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