Jacket Java Begins to Sell Alcohol

With a new year, students can expect many changes around campus. From incoming students, to new professors and new classes, a returning student may find something new at UWS after every summer. There has been a major change to the Yellowjacket Union this year. You may have noticed signs forbidding alcoholic beverages beyond a certain point. Jacket Java  is now serveing beer and wine.

This new opportunity to buy beer and wine on campus doesn’t come without rules however, many restrictions have been put down in order to avoid underage consumption and binge drinking. First, anyone purchasing their favorite lager or merlot will have to show their I.D. every time they purchase a drink, and only one drink is allowed to be bought per purchase. Purchasing a drink for another person, even if you’re both of legal age, isn’t allowed.


You also can’t take your drink of choice very far from Jacket Java. As previously stated, there are certain areas where you can and can’t enjoy a tasty beverage, but with some “feng shui” of the area it’s become a more hospitable hangout area.

Alex Derosier, 21, seemed to like the policy. “I think it’s just fine, they have a responsible but casual policy,” he stated. “They aren’t looming over you menacingly, but it also isn’t spring break with Carson Daly either.”

The selection of beer and wine is quite large as well. The beers being sold are New Glarus Spotted Cow (a farmhouse lager), Lake Superior’s Special Ale, Grain Belt Nordeast (an American style Lager), Miller Light (a pale lager), Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss (a wheat ale), South Shore’s Nut Brown (an English brown ale), and South Shore Stout (a coffee stout). Along with seven different styles of beer, the three types of Barefoot wine give plenty of options for an after class drink.

While it sounds like a good idea on paper, some wondered whether the exorbitant amount of bars around the city would really impact the Jacket Java’s sales. Robin Priem, 50, an employee at Jacket Java stated, “Some nights are better than others. Some nights we have one or two people, and others we have a really good group.” When asked whether people treated it as a stop for one drink or more, she said, “It depends. Someone is here every night for one or two drinks, but if there’s an event people are more likely to stay for a few.”

While the legend of UWS’s famous “Beer Bar” may still muttered about in certain circles, it’s been a long while since the campus has sold alcohol on property. Along with that and the exorbitant amount of bars around town, it makes some wonder why it’s necessary, but students seem to really enjoy it. “I’m still going to do most of my drinking  off campus, but it is a nice way to relax after a hard day of work” said Alex.

While Jacket Java still sells all your coffee needs in the morning, by evening its new additions to the menu have turned more than a few heads. The final word of the motion to make beer and wine available is that of every alcohol commercial on television, “Enjoy responsibly”.

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