Albums for Autumn

 The days are get­ting shorter, the sun is set­ting ear­lier, and I’m sure you’ve prob­a­bly pulled out that hoodie that you hid as soon as the Sum­mer sun started glow­ing. It’s Autumn, and that means if you’re like me you’re dig­ging out cer­tain albums you haven’t touched for a while that just seem to fit the Autumn mood. I’ll give you a few of my per­sonal favorite records for Fall.

One of the more crit­i­cally acclaimed albums on this list would be Amer­i­can Football’s self titled release in 1999. The only full length release from the Urbana Ill. based emo band marked a point of revival in the emo genre. Bright gui­tar tones in non stan­dard time sig­na­tures mixed with lyrics cen­tered around the sum­mer love that was “Never Meant” will fill you with a reminder of the days gone by. So many bands have been influ­enced by the twin­kling gui­tar tones that many emo groups are con­sid­er­ing them­selves pur­vey­ors of a new genre of music, “Twin­klecore”. Stand­out tracks: “Never Meant”, “The Sum­mer Ends”, and “But the Regrets Are Killing Me”.

Another great late Summer/early Fall album would be the sec­ond full release by Jets to Brazil enti­tled “Four Cor­nered Night”. Formed by mem­bers of dis­banded emo heavy­weights, Jaw­breaker and Texas is the Rea­son, Jets to Brazil brings a singer-songwriter vibe crossed with a stereo­typ­i­cal late 90’s emo flair. The result of this leads to slightly upbeat, gritty tracks with an anthemic sense of melody. Stand­out tracks: “One Sum­mer Last Fall”, “In the Summer’s When You Really Know”, and “Milk and Apples”.

Doing a com­plete direc­tion change in gen­res, elec­tronic artist Ger­many Ger­many hits my list. Going under the guise Ger­many Ger­many, Drew Har­ris from Vic­to­ria, Canada cre­ates ethe­real elec­tronic music that is light, airy, and fills the lis­tener with a swelling sense of relax­ation. His 2011 release, “Adven­tures” is a per­fect album to pull out the over­sized head­phones, kick back, and watch the leaves fall. Ger­many Ger­many also recently made all of his albums free to down­load on his page, so there’s no rea­son not to check out the chill­wave sen­sa­tion. Stand­out tracks: “Dance”, “Just Go (Fea­tur­ing Stef­faloo)” and “Cold Hands”.

A per­sonal favorite album of mine that just seems per­fect for Fall is Galaxie 500’s record, “On Fire”. An iconic album in the “slow­core” and “dream­pop” gen­res, “On Fire” puts together a seem­ingly post-punk sound and flips it on its axis. Dreamy vocals mixed with a bright gui­tar sound and dron­ing tem­pos seem to leave every­thing up for inter­pre­ta­tion on the listener’s end, exactly as the record was intended. The pio­neer slow­core record has influ­enced bands like Low, Liz Phair, and Sonic Youth. Stand­out tracks: “Tell Me”, “Snow­storm”, and “Isn’t It a Pity”.

Autumn is a won­der­ful time to change things up. We put away the Sum­mer clothes, and get back to the school year reg­i­men. A change of scenery is great, but noth­ing is greater than lis­ten­ing to the per­fect album at just the right time.

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