Albums for Autumn

 The days are getting shorter, the sun is setting earlier, and I’m sure you’ve probably pulled out that hoodie that you hid as soon as the Summer sun started glowing. It’s Autumn, and that means if you’re like me you’re digging out certain albums you haven’t touched for a while that just seem to fit the Autumn mood. I’ll give you a few of my personal favorite records for Fall.

One of the more critically acclaimed albums on this list would be American Football’s self titled release in 1999. The only full length release from the Urbana Ill. based emo band marked a point of revival in the emo genre. Bright guitar tones in non standard time signatures mixed with lyrics centered around the summer love that was “Never Meant” will fill you with a reminder of the days gone by. So many bands have been influenced by the twinkling guitar tones that many emo groups are considering themselves purveyors of a new genre of music, “Twinklecore”. Standout tracks: “Never Meant”, “The Summer Ends”, and “But the Regrets Are Killing Me”.

Another great late Summer/early Fall album would be the second full release by Jets to Brazil entitled “Four Cornered Night”. Formed by members of disbanded emo heavyweights, Jawbreaker and Texas is the Reason, Jets to Brazil brings a singer-songwriter vibe crossed with a stereotypical late 90’s emo flair. The result of this leads to slightly upbeat, gritty tracks with an anthemic sense of melody. Standout tracks: “One Summer Last Fall”, “In the Summer’s When You Really Know”, and “Milk and Apples”.

Doing a complete direction change in genres, electronic artist Germany Germany hits my list. Going under the guise Germany Germany, Drew Harris from Victoria, Canada creates ethereal electronic music that is light, airy, and fills the listener with a swelling sense of relaxation. His 2011 release, “Adventures” is a perfect album to pull out the oversized headphones, kick back, and watch the leaves fall. Germany Germany also recently made all of his albums free to download on his page, so there’s no reason not to check out the chillwave sensation. Standout tracks: “Dance”, “Just Go (Featuring Steffaloo)” and “Cold Hands”.

A personal favorite album of mine that just seems perfect for Fall is Galaxie 500’s record, “On Fire”. An iconic album in the “slowcore” and “dreampop” genres, “On Fire” puts together a seemingly post-punk sound and flips it on its axis. Dreamy vocals mixed with a bright guitar sound and droning tempos seem to leave everything up for interpretation on the listener’s end, exactly as the record was intended. The pioneer slowcore record has influenced bands like Low, Liz Phair, and Sonic Youth. Standout tracks: “Tell Me”, “Snowstorm”, and “Isn’t It a Pity”.

Autumn is a wonderful time to change things up. We put away the Summer clothes, and get back to the school year regimen. A change of scenery is great, but nothing is greater than listening to the perfect album at just the right time.

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