Scarletta Rocks The Campus

Nathan Kashak -- The Stinger
Scarletta, a Nashville country/rock trio, rocked the Yellow Jacket Union on Friday September 20th with a  60 minute set. The band is off to a great year with over 150 shows and has been a part of the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) circuit to over 100 universities from coast to coast. They continue to strengthen their touring presence at clubs and theatres throughout the country and I’m happy they made UWS one of their stops. They are definitely a band to go see if you like great country music with an electric stage presence.

The band is from Nashville where they have been working with Grammy Award-winning producer Black Chancey. They have been in the studio with a new production team of Steffon Hamulak and Eric Torres of The Desert Entertainment. Scarletta is composed of the fiddle player Nathan Stoops, guitarist Benji Harris, and lead singer Emilee Allan. Emilee is the new centerpiece to the band with her amazing lead vocals. According to their band website the band is a big believer in that everything happens for a reason and is convinced that Emilee has come to them at the perfect time. Nathan and his fiddle bring flare to country music that makes him one of the best fiddle players in Nashville. Benji is an accomplished bandleader who blends his lead vocals very well with his guitar playing. Scarletta was included in Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 Country Artists to watch in 2013 and their single “Right Here right Now” is definitely reeling in some attention.

Nathan Kashak -- The Stinger
8 o’clock was show time and the lights went off for Scarletta to take the stage at the Union. The band started the night out with high energy and just happy to be rocking the stage. Emilee was lighting up the union with her powerful vocals and great stage presence. You can tell that everyone in the band enjoys playing with each other when their jamming out with their backs against one another’s and huge smiles on their faces. The drummer and the bassist looked like they were having fun as well. What I really enjoyed about watching this band is that they used up the whole stage and was really having a blast playing the music their so passionate about. Nathan and his fiddle could have been heard all over campus, but hearing and seeing is two different things. You have to watch this guy to really feel the power coming off that fiddle. His sound works great with everything else in the band and I believe that sound is what truly makes them stand out in the country music scene. Benji also had a great stage presence and really blew up the stage with his unique style of guitar playing. He was all over the stage and was really rocking out with his band mates. Benji also has a great voice that really adds something special to the band, which wouldn’t create the sound that Scarletta has without him. The band played some of their hit songs which included “Want Me”, “Right Here Right Now”, and “Island Fever”. They also covered the song “Footloose”, which was absolutely great! I really enjoyed their twist on that song.

Before I knew the night came to an end and Scarletta had left the stage. They were more than grateful to have played at the University and I hope to see them back in the area soon. Before I left the Union was able to talk to Benji, the guitarist. He was telling me that their main focus right now is just touring and their having a blast doing it. He was also talking about some of the bands that they have opened for. They have opened for Colt Ford, Thompson Square, and used to be the backup band for Bo Bice from American Idol. After talking to Benji, it sounds to me that they are well on their way to the top and they won’t stop till they get there. Overall it was a great show despite the small crowd and the sound technician having trouble keeping the microphones at level. I look forward to hearing more about Scarletta and their success and wish them the best of luck for the future.


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