Student Government Starts Year off Strong

Superior, Wi – President Graham Garfield started the first annual Student Government Association Senate meeting on Monday night in the YU. The acting vice president Kara Schmidt passed out paper placards that informed fellow Senators of their name and title of specific organization. Attendance was taken of the seventeen members with only one Senator absent.

Discussion was opened to the student forum of the 3 audience members who had nothing to add besides their attention. The University of Wisconsin Board had a representative speak on behalf of the board’s appreciation of the success being done by the UW Superior Senate. The speaker informed Senate of some key aspects that the United Council of UW Students is focusing on this year, such as protecting minorities.

The meeting continued with President Graham praising Senators for attending their Saturday student training. Senators spoke on their appreciation of learning for about being a part of Senate and how to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Chancellor Renée Wachter informed Senate of the University’s campaign “Unleash your Superior Side” with billboards to encourage students to attend the university. Also, Wachter told the Senate about the new program M.E.I., Making Excellence Inclusive. After the Chancellor, the Dean of Students, Vicki Hajewski introduced herself and thanked all Senators for participating.

The Senate  then moved onto new business of passing legislation for fall election voting for new Senators. An amendment was proposed to add a voting both in Swenson hall in addition to the included YellowJacket Union booth. Arguments were brought up that having Senators to work two booths would be hard work in organizing schedules and preventing voter fraud with students voting once at each location could be problematic. Senators pointed out that non-traditional don’t typically enter the YU and for convenience and efficiency purposes to ensure that a larger majority of students vote, two locations would be better than one. With a vote 5-5 and a majority being required, the amendment failed. The legislation to having voting take place in the YU for fall open Senate seats passed, 9-1.

Next  on the agenda was the approval of the board of directors. When attendance was taken, the 6 members were referred to as “acting” because they had not yet been voted in by the Senators. An amendment was moved to allow all appointments of directors to be grouped into a packet for efficiency purposes of voting on one packet, rather than 6 separate appointments. The motion passed 8-2-0. The directors told the Senators about themselves and Senators asked questions, such as what that person could bring to the Senate. The appointments were passed 9-0-1. “We have an extremely enthusiastic group this year” says President Garfield. The Student Government Association office is located in YU ROC and the doors are open. Email questions or suggestions to

Elections for 5 empty Senate seats are coming up. If you’re interested in running, pick up an election packet at the YU Desk and return it by September 27th 4:00pm.The positions available are: Math, Science and HHP seat, Student at-large, Graduate Student, and two Incoming class seats. A GPA of 2.0 minimum is required and receiving 35 or more nomination signatures from the student body.

Meagan Guptil
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