Coffee with your Congressman Addresses Community Concerns

SUPERIOR, WI – Representative Sean Duffy was in the Yellow Jacket Union Café Wednesday September 4th from 2-3pm for “Coffee with your Congressman.” It was a free, town hall style meeting question/answer or a few audience members chose to rant for a while Duffy smiled and listened to his constituents concerns.

Mary Willet, Duffy’s Regional Representative passed out half slips of paper for audience members to fill out and be called upon. Duffy started with a few words on a topic that was on a lot of people’s minds: Syria.

Representative Duffy stated that he’s against what many of his fellow conservatives believe is strong military action.  Duffy called it “a no win political strike for all sides.” UWS Junior Matt Munkelwitz was relieved to know his representative’s opinion on Syria. “I’m very happy that Mr. Duffy came to speak at the University and it’s nice to know his policy about Syria” Munkelwitz stated.

Congressman Duffy encouraged people following the debate between key Senators like John Boehner and John McCain to “grab some popcorn… it’s going to be entertaining.” In addition, he applauded the Presidents’ request of the opinion from Congress and that the United States Constitution requires the President to have Congressional approval.

Constituents also questioned the Congressmen’s knowledge on the Attorney General Eric Holder IRS scandal and he regretted to inform them that they still have little information on that, and still have questions on what happened nearly a year ago in Benghazi.

Concerns also were addressed about the Foods movement and the small, Wisconsin farms that are suffering. Representative Duffy reminded people that he served as the District Attorney in Hayward and will always stand up for farms. He conveyed the point that churches should be the ones assisting those in need, not the government. According to the Congressmen, food stamps are still a problem and something must be done about them.

Other topics that were brought up were helping small businesses and easing their work to start up. Duffy told the story of Ashley Furniture’s beginning and how different things are currently.

Gun control was also discussed and the Representative stood by his opinion that he would keep defending the second amendment for law abiding, mentally stable citizens.

Duffy stated he is also in favor of keeping the post offices open, especially for the sake of small towns.

Additionally, Obamacare was questioned and the Congressmen said that it’s not likely to reduce costs and our senior citizens come first for receiving health care.

On the local side of things, an audience member raised concerns about train horns being too loud and interrupting peoples sleep. Of course, the safety of warning people that a train is coming is important, but a balance of safety and noise complaints should be found.

The Representative also talked about Border Security. Representative Duffy highly encouraged fully securing our borders. He also proposes a new label for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. to achieve that isn’t citizenship and giving the right to vote, but gives them a status with no fear of deportation.

For more information on when Duffy will be in the area again, you can contact Mary Willett his Regional Representative at 715-298-9344.

Left, Sam Vogel, Middle Rep. Sean Duffy, Right Matt Munkelwitz

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