Chaffee new president; Shaffer vice?

The unofficial winners of the race for President and Vice-President of the SGA are Cody Chaffee and Tim Shaffer, winning by only 4 votes over their competition.The Student Government Association or SGA recently held their elections for the offices of President, Vice-President and a few Senatorial seats for the upcoming session.  These new elected officials were chosen by students in elections held April 15 and 16 in the Yellowjacket Union.  This is a student organization made up of those chosen by the student population and shows the power UWS has in picking their leadership for upcoming semesters.

Additionally, SGA Senators were also elected per their departments of specialization so students allocated to different majors such as communicating arts, natural sciences or business chose the senators that would represent their “district” in future SGA related activities. This allows for those senators to be focused on campus-wise but also more focused issues related to their department so each group represented isn’t left out of the process.

Victors from each department were unofficial. The official listings will be confirmed by the Internal and External affairs Committee made up of current SGA members. This means that the senators elected will have some time to take in their victories and also have time to prepare for their eventual role in SGA.  The official turn over time for each of the offices elected is May 1, and on that day each newly elected SGA member will take on their official duties as elected officials representing the student body.

Currently the SGA is focusing its energies into developing issues such as diversity as well budgetary issues per semester.  As of their most recent meeting the items brought up were the implementation of a diversity liaison to promote that key value that UWS is trying to promote as well as other issues related to the first year experience process for new students here on campus.  Additionally SGA works in coordination with the SUFAC committee to help make decisions related to that organization and help push forward new ideas such as the beer lounge and other similar ideas.

The SGA office is located in the Yellowjacket Union  in room 156. Their meetings take place Mondays at 8. They are both accessible through their email at or via phone at 715-394-8432. The UWS Stinger will post the official results of these SGA elections online at

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