Memes, Confessions, and Facebook

Two new Facebook pages came to UW-S this march. The first page is called UW-Superior Memes. The page features various memes, often in the animal advice style, that relate directly to the campus. Most of the memes posted are completely original while others seem to be reposted from other sites. The memes posted so far have been in good humor and often mock some of the more unpleasant aspects of campus. The page itself claims that it is a sophisticated collection of memes on the subject of the University of Wisconsin Superior. As of April 14 the page had 247 likes on Facebook. The student response to the page has been mixed. Some students support the page and have liked many of the memes on the page while others have simply ignored the page.

The other Facebook page to come about in March was the UW-Superior Confessions page. The page posts confessions sent in by students through the use of an anonymous online survey site. While UW-Superior Memes page can hardly be considered a source of controversy, UW-Superior Confessions has turned some heads. Many of the confessions on the page focus on places where individuals have had sex on campus. Other confessions talk about supposed acts of vandalism. What has seems to have caused the most trouble though is the confessions regarding other students. Students online have publicly spoken out against the page. The page has been used to judge students on occasion. Due to the nature of the page it is impossible to tell who has made the statements. Some students have claimed the page is simply a tool to talk about students behind their backs. It is also impossible to tell how many of the confessions on the page are true. Though some of the similar confessions can be confirmed without debate many others bare cause for speculation.

The pages are not the first of their type in the Twin Ports area. St. Scholastica and UM-D both have a memes page and a confessions page. Both are run quite similar to the UW-Superior pages.

Neither of the pages are officially linked with the university. Actions that take place on them fall under the terms and conditions of Facebook. As of April 14 both pages are still operating. All of the information on the pages can be viewed with a simple Facebook account. UW-Superior Memes
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