Memes, Confessions, and Facebook

Two new Face­book pages came to UW-S this march. The first page is called UW-Superior Memes. The page fea­tures var­i­ous memes, often in the ani­mal advice style, that relate directly to the cam­pus. Most of the memes posted are com­pletely orig­i­nal while oth­ers seem to be reposted from other sites. The memes posted so far have been in good humor and often mock some of the more unpleas­ant aspects of cam­pus. The page itself claims that it is a sophis­ti­cated col­lec­tion of memes on the sub­ject of the Uni­ver­sity of Wis­con­sin Supe­rior. As of April 14 the page had 247 likes on Face­book. The stu­dent response to the page has been mixed. Some stu­dents sup­port the page and have liked many of the memes on the page while oth­ers have sim­ply ignored the page.

The other Face­book page to come about in March was the UW-Superior Con­fes­sions page. The page posts con­fes­sions sent in by stu­dents through the use of an anony­mous online sur­vey site. While UW-Superior Memes page can hardly be con­sid­ered a source of con­tro­versy, UW-Superior Con­fes­sions has turned some heads. Many of the con­fes­sions on the page focus on places where indi­vid­u­als have had sex on cam­pus. Other con­fes­sions talk about sup­posed acts of van­dal­ism. What has seems to have caused the most trou­ble though is the con­fes­sions regard­ing other stu­dents. Stu­dents online have pub­licly spo­ken out against the page. The page has been used to judge stu­dents on occa­sion. Due to the nature of the page it is impos­si­ble to tell who has made the state­ments. Some stu­dents have claimed the page is sim­ply a tool to talk about stu­dents behind their backs. It is also impos­si­ble to tell how many of the con­fes­sions on the page are true. Though some of the sim­i­lar con­fes­sions can be con­firmed with­out debate many oth­ers bare cause for speculation.

The pages are not the first of their type in the Twin Ports area. St. Scholas­tica and UM-D both have a memes page and a con­fes­sions page. Both are run quite sim­i­lar to the UW-Superior pages.

Nei­ther of the pages are offi­cially linked with the uni­ver­sity. Actions that take place on them fall under the terms and con­di­tions of Face­book. As of April 14 both pages are still oper­at­ing. All of the infor­ma­tion on the pages can be viewed with a sim­ple Face­book account. UW-Superior Memes
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