Movie Review: Body Snatchers in Love; The Host

In the not so dis­tant future slug like aliens will have taken over most of planet earth by tak­ing over human bod­ies. For­tu­nately some humans are still free and fight­ing for human­ity. Unfor­tu­nately if you know this, then you prob­a­bly just wasted $7.50 and two hours of your life watch­ing the Stephanie Myer film The Host.

The Host opened on March 29 this year to rather dis­mal reviews. The movie fol­lows the story of one of the slugs also called a Soul. The Soul Wanda is placed in the body of Melanie, a for­mer mem­ber of the human resis­tance. Wanda is tasked with retriev­ing infor­ma­tion from Melanie so the Souls can crush what remains of the human resis­tance. Wanda, though, begins to doubt her own meth­ods after sev­eral con­ver­sa­tions with her host revealed to her that the humans dis­like being the tar­get of a body inva­sion. Work­ing together Wanda and Melanie devise a plan to meet up with the human resis­tance. After meet­ing up with the human resis­tance Wanda and Melanie both develop strong feel­ings for dif­fer­ent men in the ranks but how can either ever get the love they deserve while only hav­ing one body.

When the plot is directly exam­ined, The Host sounds like it might have poten­tial as a great com­edy. Unfor­tu­nately this is clearly not what the direc­tor, Andrew Nic­col, was going for. Nic­col couldn’t seem to decide what genre the movie should have been. At points it seems like the movie is going to be a fast-paced Sci-Fi action movie and at other times it seemed like the movie was try­ing to be an intense drama. In the end the movie felt like a robotic romance film. The actors all seemed to be either angry or apa­thetic about the sit­u­a­tions pre­sented to them. Saoirse Ronan who played both Wanda and Melanie did a good job of act­ing like two dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters, but again most of the emo­tions that were dis­played felt artificial.

Per­son­ally I rather enjoyed the movie. That is not to say that The Host wasn’t a awful movie. Despite its many short com­ings and gap­ing plot holes, like how the Souls were able to take over earth in the first place, some­thing about the movie was rather amus­ing. I felt like it would have been a good can­di­date for a Mys­tery Sci­ence The­ater episode. If you enjoy watch­ing ter­ri­ble movies I would rec­om­mend watch­ing The Host. With the right mind set The Host can pro­vide a laugh a minute. If you are truly look­ing to watch a good movie though I would rec­om­mend that you don’t watch The Host. On a five star rat­ing scale I would give The Host two out of five stars.
Movie poster for The Host
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