Movie Review: Body Snatchers in Love; The Host

In the not so distant future slug like aliens will have taken over most of planet earth by taking over human bodies. Fortunately some humans are still free and fighting for humanity. Unfortunately if you know this, then you probably just wasted $7.50 and two hours of your life watching the Stephanie Myer film The Host.

The Host opened on March 29 this year to rather dismal reviews. The movie follows the story of one of the slugs also called a Soul. The Soul Wanda is placed in the body of Melanie, a former member of the human resistance. Wanda is tasked with retrieving information from Melanie so the Souls can crush what remains of the human resistance. Wanda, though, begins to doubt her own methods after several conversations with her host revealed to her that the humans dislike being the target of a body invasion. Working together Wanda and Melanie devise a plan to meet up with the human resistance. After meeting up with the human resistance Wanda and Melanie both develop strong feelings for different men in the ranks but how can either ever get the love they deserve while only having one body.

When the plot is directly examined, The Host sounds like it might have potential as a great comedy. Unfortunately this is clearly not what the director, Andrew Niccol, was going for. Niccol couldn’t seem to decide what genre the movie should have been. At points it seems like the movie is going to be a fast-paced Sci-Fi action movie and at other times it seemed like the movie was trying to be an intense drama. In the end the movie felt like a robotic romance film. The actors all seemed to be either angry or apathetic about the situations presented to them. Saoirse Ronan who played both Wanda and Melanie did a good job of acting like two different characters, but again most of the emotions that were displayed felt artificial.

Personally I rather enjoyed the movie. That is not to say that The Host wasn’t a awful movie. Despite its many short comings and gaping plot holes, like how the Souls were able to take over earth in the first place, something about the movie was rather amusing. I felt like it would have been a good candidate for a Mystery Science Theater episode. If you enjoy watching terrible movies I would recommend watching The Host. With the right mind set The Host can provide a laugh a minute. If you are truly looking to watch a good movie though I would recommend that you don’t watch The Host. On a five star rating scale I would give The Host two out of five stars.
Movie poster for The Host
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