Skyway would be pretty awesome, but unnecessary

Some­one I spoke with recently pointed out how eas­ily and neatly a sky­walk would con­nect the sec­ond floor of the Yel­low­jacket Union with the sec­ond floor of Swen­son Hall. Think about it; a giant hallway/bridge hang­ing over cam­pus like that? Awe-inspiring. How many cam­puses can say they have one of those hang­ing around? And of course, the cold. It’s not like it’s an extremely long walk from Swen­son to the Union, but obvi­ously peo­ple tend to want to avoid going out in the cold as much as humanly pos­si­ble, even if it is only a 200–300 foot walk from one build­ing to the other, is still uncom­fort­able in the bit­ter cold  tem­per­a­ture. Plus 2nd and 3rd floor Swen­son are where most of the classes and activ­i­ties are going on any­way, so why not have a cool con­nec­tion to get there?

Unfor­tu­nately though now comes the part I don’t really want to write, the part about how it could never hap­pen. I couldn’t find any infor­ma­tion about how much one of these things would cost, but I can still guar­an­tee it isn’t going to come cheap if you want to have one of these bad boys. Even in good finan­cial times, for­get about it. While money is the first, sec­ond, and third con­cern in terms of not being able to have a sky­way, plenty of peo­ple would see it as very unsightly to have this giant struc­ture hang­ing over cam­pus in addi­tion to the peo­ple who would think it would look pretty cool. Add in the con­struc­tion delays that would prob­a­bly mean Swenson’s busiest entrance would have to be shut down for a long period of time as well as block­ing off the main exit from the Union that leads to Swen­son, and now you have logis­ti­cal headaches too.

So bot­tom line, it would be awe­some, but not worth it. And a lit­tle brief chill never hurt anyone.

Felic­ity Bosk — The Stinger

View from the YU to Swenson

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