Skyway would be pretty awesome, but unnecessary

Someone I spoke with recently pointed out how easily and neatly a skywalk would connect the second floor of the Yellowjacket Union with the second floor of Swenson Hall. Think about it; a giant hallway/bridge hanging over campus like that? Awe-inspiring. How many campuses can say they have one of those hanging around? And of course, the cold. It’s not like it’s an extremely long walk from Swenson to the Union, but obviously people tend to want to avoid going out in the cold as much as humanly possible, even if it is only a 200-300 foot walk from one building to the other, is still uncomfortable in the bitter cold  temperature. Plus 2nd and 3rd floor Swenson are where most of the classes and activities are going on anyway, so why not have a cool connection to get there?

Unfortunately though now comes the part I don’t really want to write, the part about how it could never happen. I couldn’t find any information about how much one of these things would cost, but I can still guarantee it isn’t going to come cheap if you want to have one of these bad boys. Even in good financial times, forget about it. While money is the first, second, and third concern in terms of not being able to have a skyway, plenty of people would see it as very unsightly to have this giant structure hanging over campus in addition to the people who would think it would look pretty cool. Add in the construction delays that would probably mean Swenson’s busiest entrance would have to be shut down for a long period of time as well as blocking off the main exit from the Union that leads to Swenson, and now you have logistical headaches too.

So bottom line, it would be awesome, but not worth it. And a little brief chill never hurt anyone.

Felicity Bosk -- The Stinger

View from the YU to Swenson

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