Album Review: Senses Fail

Long gone are the days when Senses Fail would write songs about movies and pirates. The new album from the influential post-hardcore band is harder hitting than any other album they have ever released. The album is entitled Renacer, which means ‘to be reborn’ in Spanish. This is very much the feel throughout the entire album. Taking a more serious tone, Senses Fail breaks away from any type of pop sound they may have had in their past releases. With songs like Me Amor and The Path, Renacer puts you on edge with just about every song. Lead singer Buddy Nielsen has improved the quality of his screaming tenfold and shows it off well in his newest album.

The lyrical content of this album is also far advanced from any other album they have released. Other albums have had references to pirates, movies, and drug addictions. This album takes a turn to songs about God, relationships, and life in general. The lyrics show how much Nielsen has really matured in the past few years, taking time to reflect on his own life and beliefs. He even offers up some encouragement in his lyrics, for example in the song The Path he says, “Don’t be afraid To stumble and weep; Enjoy the journey, Even when its steep.”

Your head with be whole-heartily banging to each song. This is a truly rare album; every song is excellent and as full of energy as the song before. Senses Fail put in the best effort they could on every word, riff, and breakdown, and it shows in Renacer. It was a daring step for them to change up the sound so much, but progress is progress, and this album is easily a step in the right direction. I would recommend anyone who enjoys hardcore music to pick up the album and give it a listen. It is the most refreshing album I’ve listened to in a very long time. 5/5 Stars.


Senses Fail
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